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21 Handy Blogger Widgets and Plugins For BlogSpot Blogs

Every day, we share tutorials about blogger designing, blogger widgets, blogger gadgets, blogger plugins and search engine optimization. But today we are going to publish 20+ Blogger widget and plugins which are really awesome and most popular on the blogger's blog.

blogger widgets and plugins

As we all know that Blogger is the Google's trustworthy Content management system where we share our ideas and knowledge with our readers. Blogger users are growing rapidly because it is a very nice platform and 100% easy to customize. I will try to include the rest widgets, gadgets and plugins in this tutorial and the best thing about these widgets are; they are created with love and passion.

Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail

Displaying a list of your most recent posts in your sidebar is a great way to keep those visitors busy. There are lots of recent posts gadgets and archive gadgets you can use but the one we will cover in this post will grab the attention of people on your blog. This recent posts widget is similar to the standard recent posts with thumbnails but with one great feature. This gadget displays your most recent posts and includes a small thumbnail.

Responsive Author Bio Box

An Author Bio Box is clearly defined as the writer of any written article. Author bio-box is the identity of a blog writer. In general, a blogger author is a person who writes the articles. If you are looking for a fully responsive author bio box for your blog, Simple Author Box could be the one for you. This lightweight piece of code will add an attractive author box at the end of your every blog posts. The author box displays the author name, description, and links to various social media accounts.

Stylish Blockquote Designs

Our blogger site needs many CSS elements to display the special portion of texts to catch the readers attention. We use the bullet list or numbered list to make our post more attractive and beautiful. But when we publish the codes within our blogger posts we usually insert the blockquotes around the codes but sometimes we do not feel satisfied with the blockquote because some blockquote styles are looking annoying.

Flat PopUp Facebook Like Box

Facebook is a great way for increase blog traffic. When you share your content on your Facebook page, then here is an opportunity to share your content with your visitor with others. In this way can get more extra traffic. In this circumstance, you have must need to promote your page with your blog. A popup like a box is one of the best way.

PopUp Email Subscribe Widget

By adding this widget, you should easily increase your blog, readers. It's a better way for increase blog readers. I hope this fresh pop up email subscribe widget will help you to increase blog readers. Now let's install.

Animated Social Share Buttons

Whenever your readers read your helpful blog posts, they just want to share them with their friends, colleagues, co-works and with other persons. But think if you don't have share buttons on your blogger, what happens? Correct, they just skip it and the chances are, you are going to miss your new readers. This Animated Social Share Button For Blogger are those share buttons that make your blog more attractive.

Social Media Plugin With Count-Numbers

Many blog designers will create custom icons to go with your blog if you order their services. You can find some adorable designs that are very affordable, However, if you are trying to be more thrifty when you are beginning blogging you can find FREE social media icons freely available on the internet. But here, you will find the cool social media icons with count numbers.

Reaction Buttons

Here are another big and very useful blogger widgets. You can show reaction buttons on your BlogSpot blog. Reaction widget lets your blog readers leave feedbacks on the posts that you have published. We daily access our Facebook accounts, if you access your Facebook account from your PC you will see the reaction when you mouse-over the like icon. Similarly, blogger reaction widget uses the same process.

Facebook Bottom Floating Like Box

Bottom floating facebook like box widget is the profession design for bloggers made it in such a nice way that when a user visits your blog, they don't like to leave without becoming your facebook page fan. So today I will share this widget with you. If you want to increase your Facebook like then should promote your page on your blog with your blog's users. Then you will get more like from your users who visit your blog.

HTML Sitemap Page

A site map is a model of a website's content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site. A site map can be a hierarchical list of published pages and posts on your blogger or website organized by topics on a single page. Here I will show you the step by step guide to creating HTML Sitemap page for your blogger.

Related Post Widget

Related Post Widget is the links displayed below the blog/website post, images, videos, and articles. It is created with the combination of JavaScript CSS and HTML. Its main purpose is to keep a blog reader stay on your blog. So it increases the page previews that's the best for Google page rank.

Syntax Highlighter Shortcode

Installing the code highlighter in your blogger template is the process of highlight the codes in your blogger posts. In this post, I will show you a step by step guide to get this code install in your blogger template. After installing this gadget, you can make your blogger posts more attractive and beautiful.

Numbered Page Navigation

Blogger numbered page navigation is the most important widget for every blogger. It lets your blogger visitors navigate around your blogger posts from recent posts to the last ones. It's a smart way to keep your blogger visitors stay on your blogger blog.

Auto Numbering Popular Posts

This widget is easy customize-able. You implement it with you code snippets that suit to your blogger template. Blogger popular posts widget is a most important part of the blogger. This widget helps your visitors to find most viewed or most discussed posts.

Custom 404 Error Page

The error page is the essential part for a blogger, it basically redirects a user to a custom design of 404. Error 404 means the web page, image, video, mp3, etc are no longer exist at the link where you clicked from the search results. It happens when you delete a blog post, images, videos etc from your blogger but they still show up in google search results. Blogger generates 404 Not Found web page when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link, hence the 404 error is one of the most common errors found on the WWW (World Wide Web).

Google Navigational Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are the blog post labels which Google and Bing show in search results instead of the permalink. Both permalinks and labels play the same role in search engine optimization. However, breadcrumbs make it easy for search engines to navigate along your blogger posts.

Stylish CSS3 Code Boxes

Publishing your blog codes without boxes makes your blog look bad and the most important issue is; when you publish your codes without code boxes and backquotes, the crawl robots get confused when they visit your site. Honestly, I myself had published many codes without code boxes and backquotes,. But when I was looking at my blog, it was looking very bad and unprofessional. Therefore, I decided to change my thought. Today, I decided why not I share this tutorial with those who are looking code boxes.

Email Subscribe Form

Email subscription form lets your blog readers read your latest blogs updates through their subscribed email inbox. As I have already discussed the benefits of adding an email subscription widgets in my recent post, CSS3 Email Subscribe Widget for Blogger and I showed you how to add it in your blogger.

Showing Blog Visitors Their IP Address

A free and simple JavaScript code to tell your visitors what their IP addresses and Host names are. The information is displayed to the users at your desired location on your Web pages.

Pop-Up Welcome Message

Every time your blogs are visited by many blog readers and I say you should welcome them by a special message or just say Welcome to (your blog name). There are many pop-ups that I have already mentioned and they are:  Awesome Popup Email Subscription box for Blogger and   Add Flat Popup Facebook Like Box Widget for Blogger but today I will show you about the Welcome pop-up message.

Trending Post Widget

BlogSpot trending post widget is growing very fast among those who maintain their blogs professionally. What can I say about this post? I think when you install this widget you will keep visiting your blog again and again because it attracts the blog visitors very strongly. The best thing about this widget is; it keeps scrolling like an earthworm.


Adding blogger widgets to your blog is a creative and best practice to impress your blog visitors with the unique and beautiful design. But your work and design must be unique and responsive to let the readers enjoy your blog. If this post helped you a little bit, spread our voice by sharing these awesome designs with your readers. Thanks for visiting.

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