Sunday, 18 December 2016

Create Pop-Up Welcome Message for Blogger Visitors

blogger popup message
Every time your blogs are visited by many blog readers and i say you should welcome them by a special message or just say Welcome to (your blog name). There are many pop-ups that i have already mentioned and they are:  Awesome Pop up Email Subscription box for Blogger  and   Add Flat Popup Facebook Like Box Widget for Blogger  but today i will show you about Welcome pop-up message.

Adding Welcome Pop-Up Message

  1. Go to you Blogger >>   Template>>   Edit Template.
  2. Click inside the template editor and press Ctrl + F to locate the </body>.
  3. Just above the </body> tag, past the following codes and Save your template.
  4. Now refresh the blogger page and see the results.
<script> function MYALERT() {
alert("Welcome to Knigulper"); } MYALERT()

Note: Replace the Knigulper with your blogger name.
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