Online HTML to XML Parser | Online HTML to XML Converter

This online tool will convert your HTML code to XML without any error. The HTML encoder tool will help you to convert the special characters into XML format. Copy and paste the code that you want to convert. The converted code will be instantly displayed in the same column. Easy and simple tool.

Converting HTML to XML

  1. Paste your HTML code inside the empty field
  2. Check the boxes to select the desigred character that you want to convert
  3. Now simply click the Convert button
  4. Copy the converted code and paste it where you need

This Adsense parser or parsing tool can also be used to parse the Google Adsense ad code, Chitika ad code, Adbrite Ads and other Scripts.

Paste Your Code Inside This Box

Check the all boxes (Recommended)

  • convert & into &
  • convert ' into '
  • convert " into "
  • convert < into &lt;
  • convert > into &gt;