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WordPress vs Blogger Review: Who Would Win?

What is the difference between Blogger and Wordpress? - Have you ever seen the people talking about WordPress and Blogger? Yes, you might have heard most people think that Blogger has fewer features as compared to WordPress. So, Why people lack the power of BlogSpot platform? Is it their technical fault or something else? Whatever the reason may be, but to my personal experience, Blogger is one of the best platforms for everyone to start a killer blog.

WordPress Vs Blogger

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BlogSpot offers many SEO and theme customization opportunities as compared to free WordPress and it is a blogging service offered by the giant search engine Google. But it does not mean that BlogSpot is 100% SEO ready. You have to pay attention to the site elements manually. Okay, so you want to know the major differences between Blogger and WordPress?

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Kindly note that this comparison Chart is between and Blogger, not vs Blogger.

WordPress Vs. Blogger - Difference and Comparison

Launched Date ‎August 23, 1999 May 27, 2003 Blogger
Owner Google Inc. WordPress Foundation Both
Registeration Free Free Both
SSL Certificate (HTTPS) Available Available Both
HTTPS On Custom Domains Available For Free Paid Blogger
Custom Domain Available Available on Upgrade Blogger
Categories & Tags Only Tags are available Both are available WordPress
Post Editor Advanced Advanced Both
Supports Markup 100% Available on Upgrade Blogger
Theme Customization Available N/A in Free Version Blogger
Coding Required HTML, XML, JSON, CSS & JavaScript Advanced coding required like PHP, MySQL & JavaScript Blogger
SEO Plugin Installation Allowed Not allowed in Free Version Blogger
Custom Widgets Available N/A in Free Version Blogger
Default Templates Available Available Both
Custom Templates Allowed Not allowed in Free Version Blogger
SEO Optimization Need Technical Skills In Paid: Install & Activate WordPress
Video Storage Files under certain size limits don’t count towards this free storage limit Only 3GB More space on upgrade Blogger
Image storage Files under certain size limits don’t count towards this free storage limit 3000 Megabytes. More space on upgrade Blogger
Stats System Powerful Default stats system Same here Both
Advertisements No advertisement of its own Remove Ads on Upgrade Blogger
Blog Monetization Available Only sites with a custom domain can apply Blogger
Google Adsense Available You can not run Google Adsense or other advertising programs to serve ads in Free Version Blogger
Writing Paid Posts Allowed You can not write paid posts, sell links, review products, etc. Blogger
Monetization Opportunities As much as you'd like In Free Version, you can only apply for WordAds Blogger
Account Suspension Suspend blogs suspected of activities prohibited in their terms of service Same here Both
Blog Migration BlogSpot blog to another Platform WordPress to another Platform Both
Number of Authors Up to 100 members per blog You can have as many authors as you'd like WordPress
Custom Permalink Available N/A in free version Blogger
Comment Blacklist Not Available When a comment contains any of word, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, that you have blacklisted, it will be put in the trash WordPress
Blog Administrators 100 Administrators per blog Only 35 Administrators per blog Blogger
No. of Static Pages Allowed Not Confirmed (I currently have 31 Pages) There is no limit on how many pages you create Pending
AMP Supported YES YES Both
Alexa Rank (March 2018) ‎168 54 WordPress

Wish to do all of the above mentioned features from one platform such as Blogger or WordPress? Sorry, no may do. But as I described the comparison chart, you can calculate the rating score by yourself. I am not against the WordPress or Blogger neither employee of these services. Both have pros and cons to some extent and the above chart is solely my personal and honest review. Want to share yours? Write your opinion in comments.


If you are serious about starting a blog and can develop your future make money blogging, starting your favorite blog is the best way to go, and that requires investing small to large money for setup.

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