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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools & Softwares 2018

Social Media Marketing Tools & Trends 2018 - 2018 is around the corner, and the countdown has begun. But hold on, are you prepared to say hi to 2018? Not now? Don’t worry! Here in this article, we are sharing Social Media strategic tools for 2018 that will help you to improve your social media campaign.

Social Media Management Tools 2018

Marketing is all about building relationships. Without excellent communication strategies, it is hard to build relationships and make your marketing campaigns fruitful. The ways of marketing have been changed entirely over these years. Now we have newer sources of marketing in our pouch and social media is one of them.

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In this era of digitalization, we cannot imagine our marketing campaigns without social media. Social media has provided us a marketing platform with comparatively bigger radius. Indeed it has revolutionized the marketing world.

It is impossible to list the benefits of social media in just a few words, but some of its features are great. Social media is for every person and it is almost free of cost by providing more significant reach. It is easy to buy stuff from sales and promotions done by social media with shopping and repacking made easy - international boundaries drops during shopping making it even more effective compared to TV ads that can’t make you take immediate action.

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Television has brought revolution in the advertising industry in the previous years and now in the 21st-century social media is doing great. People spend hours behind the screen of their PC’s and smartphones. Thus, social media marketing is an essential part of any marketing campaigns no matter it is paid or free.

Social media is a kind of tree where you can pluck multiple social media sites at the same time. Some of the big names are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. However, the world of social media does not end with these names, it has grown huge and has more than 20 hottest social sites. Thus, if you wanted to make your marketing campaigns successful make sure not to avoid this big platform.

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You are quite busy at your profession, right? Then how you can manage to spend hours on creating and posting your social media posts? You will need an exceptional social media marketing tool and below I have listed top 10 social media marketing tools for 2018.

Must-Have Social Media Tools for Smart Marketers and Brainy Bloggers Like You


Buffer is one of the most famous social media marketing tools used by over 4 million active users worldwide. It comes with simple features and clean interface which makes it perfect for the beginners as well as professionals too.

Let Buffer to schedule all your social media posts and manage your multiple social media accounts. The buffer provides detailed engagement stats which will surely help you in making further strategies to achieve best results.

This social media marketing tool is developed to provide a list of well-performing posts. That particular list will help you in finding the key to increase engagement. Buffer comes with several great features and few of them listed below:

  1. Organize your social media calendar with Buffer to share your contents on social media even from your comfort zone.
  2. Get all the data from your social media marketing campaigns
  3. This tool comes with an excellent device compatibility and works great on both iOS and Android devices
  4. Add videos and GIFs fast with the Buffer uploader to make your content attention-grabbing.
  5. Buffer comes with an image creator feature and it is excellent to make eye-catchy images for your blog posts.


HootSuite is another way to manage your social media accounts faster and smarter. It is used by the leading marketers and bloggers. HootSuite social media marketing tool provides a single dashboard for your multiple social media accounts. Ryan Homes give us HootSuite in 2008 and now it is the world’s top social media marketing tool with over 15 million active users. Cleary is one of the best platforms to create one's identity online.

If you have the power to manage all your social media posts at a single place, what will be better than that? HootSuite just does the same for you and save your precious time. Take your social media marketing campaigns to the new level with this fantastic social media tool.

3.Social Clout

Social Clout is best for competitive analysis. This social media marketing tool helps you in figuring latest industry trends and keeps you on the track. Social Clout is developed to provide data about the social presence and its value of your competitor’s.

Your competitor’s data can be a valuable asset for you if you know the way to utilize it. That particular data will help you in discovering their business strategies and more. This kind of analysis will help you in crafting effective industry strategies.

Social Clout is one of the best social media tools for building an online reputation. This tool helps you in identifying those posts which are going wrong. Whenever a customer asks anything or makes complains of your service or product, you can address them immediately using this tool.


An image tells more than texts and if you want the power of creating great photos for your social post, no doubt you will need Canva. Individually even I also use Canva tool for creating images and I think it comes with the best user interface.

Canva has a large community of users more than 10 million. It is the best tool recommended by almost all professionals. More than 100 million designs are created and still, the list is growing.

Canva comes with over millions of illustrations, stock photographs and vectors to choose from. If you do not find those stock photographs useful (apparently you will not, those pictures are great), you can upload your own image too.

Canva is just awesome with its features and you do not have to be an expert to create images for your social media posts. This tool provides a short tutorial to develop pictures. Just go step by step and build excellent photos without much more effort.


If you are using Buffer tool and don’t know about Quuu, you cannot imagine what you have missed. If you are using your Buffer account and getting your content curated by Quuu, you are doing great. Quuu is an online community of real peoples who makes your content curation easy. Just connect it with your Buffer and get best suggestions for your next social media post.

All the curated content will be sent to your Buffer list automatically. After that, you can manage that list manually and post your social media contents in no time.

Quuu tool will be handy in boosting your social media marketing campaigns. Its simple features and user-friendly interface make it a perfect tool for managing social media posts.


Edgar is such kind of tool which refines your social media posts. It reshares your best posts and brings more traffic. Marketing is not about only product promotion, contents are marketed these days heavily and Edgar does this best.

Edgar provides a categorized library for your content where your published materials are stored automatically. You can customize the categories by names. You can quickly schedule your posts activity by using Edgar. For example, you can make a schedule of contents which are going to be published from a particular category and Edgar will do that for you.

Edgar is developed to share your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates even it can share posts from your groups and pages too. Edgar will make your posts visible enough with the added images and gifs.

Edgar social media managing tool provides you more power, it displays the list of upcoming posts and you can delete any of them if you want. No matter if you have created new social media accounts, the user-friendly interface of Edgar makes your social sharing easy and efficient.


Meet real peoples to amplify your online marketing through Intellifluence. Intellifluence is a vast community of influencers with over 15K active members. The influencers are here to spread your message to their followers. Thus marketing with Intellifluence will be truly beneficial for your business. Intellifluence provides you a bigger platform for your product.

Your product will get best reviews from the influencers and you can submit your product with just three steps listed below:

  1. You are free to pick any of the influencers from the Intellifluence community. You will surely find the best influencer for representation of your product.
  2. You can message your chosen influencer directly, no need to email. Provide them an offer and once your offer accepted, you can share your service or product through Intellifluence.
  3. Influencers are here to promote your service and product to their active and loyal followers. The promotion at this big platform will surely boost your social media marketing results in an increase in sales. 


Are your Facebook ads working well enough and how can you track the results? Make your Facebook ads more effective with RevealBot. This fantastic social media marketing tool is developed to automate the Facebook ads. It will also deliver enough stats and data about your Facebook ad campaigns.

You are free to set rules using your RevealBot dashboard for the Facebook Ad campaigns. After setting the rules, further actions will be taken by RevealBot and your ad campaigns are ready to manage by this fantastic social media marketing tool.

You have the power to pause or start any of your ads, track your results and performance. The tracking will help in making further strategies to achieve best results.


You have worked a lot on creating a great post but fails in attaining expected engagement. Many social media marketers’ deals with the same problems and here YalaBot comes with a great solution. Yala is developed to analyze the behavior of your social media audience. It tracks your social media audience activeness and updates them with your post at that time when they are more attentive. It helps in engaging with the broad community and also getting a great response from them.

YalaBot works on its AI algorithm mentioned below:

  1. It is developed to analyze the behavior of your social media audience. 
  2. Yala shares your social post at the time when your audience is more attentive.
  3. This social media marketing tool will deploy your posts at the right time, no worries.
  4. Your every post will get better results with smarter YalaBot

Ping your audience at the best moment with YalaBot to achieve expected success.


At the end here is SproutSocial, one of the best social media marketing tools used by the professionals. Make your social media management an ease of task with SocialSprout. Hold all the power of your social media marketing using the dashboard of SproutSocial. This tool will provide detailed data and stats for your online campaigns.

One of the best features of SocialSprout is its smart box. The smart box brings all messages from all your social accounts in one place. It makes the conversation more comfortable and efficient.

Smart box is developed to enhance engagement with like-minded peoples, audience and customers. With SocialSprout it will be easy to join conversations, tag messages, make more engagements and answer to customers in one place.

Final Note:

If you have better tools in your pouch, it will be easy to conquer the hurdles. Social media is no more secret and is changing our lives. It is a vast platform for making a strong online presence.

Moreover, the same works for your marketing campaigns. It will be complicated and time-consuming to connect with large audience manually. You will need few great tools to boost your social media marketing and here these tools come handy.

Choose any of them or more than one regarding your needs. All of these social media marketing tools will help you in creating a bigger platform for your product or service. Achieve more than your expectations by adding these tools to your social media marketing strategies.

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