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Knigulper is here to offer you an opportunity to get seen your work by the millions of our readers. Knigulper is one of the most popular blogs in the blogging sphere, online marketing, SEO techniques, Content marketing strategies, Social marketing tactics with 29,352 active subscribers + followers on Facebook and Twitter. Being a popular blog, We always encourage other Bloggers to contribute an original piece of work related to the topics of Knigulper to showcase themselves in front of a broad audience.

Why Should You Contribute To Knigulper?

Knigulper - firmly dedicated to serving you with complete tutorials like how to grow professionally and magnetically in the blogging and web development sphere, so that is why we have created this space for our guests and for us to interact very well. When other people read your guest post on our blog, they just want to check you out as the author of the great content they are reading.

What Can We Give You For Your Work?

After we publish your blog post on our blog, we will share it to our Facebook group | twitter handle | Facebook page and also encourage our readers to share your posts on their social timeline. At this point, your post on our blog will not only get seen by our blog visitors, but it will also get seen to new readers.

Get Ranked For Your Work

As our blog advisors will approve your post, we will not give it an open do-follow backlink but will offer you to share your work with our readers that'll surely help you increase your online reputation.

Types of Guest Post That We Accept

Article Quality - Articles must be a minimum of 600-800 words. Articles which are less than 600 words will be rejected. Your article should cover the topic in detail. Avoid incomplete details. We take quality as one of the primary considerations in accepting guest posts.

We accept the blog post which falls under the category:
  1. Blogging tips and tools
  2. SEO tips and tools
  3. Google Adsense tips
  4. Making money online tips and ideas
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Online and inbound marketing
  7. Blogger tool and tutorial
  8. WordPress tools and tutorials
  9. WordPress/BlogSpot Widgets, plugins, and themes (and how-to’s related these).

As long as you have written article related to these topics above, then you are definitely on the right track of working with us.

What Will Make Us Not To Accept Your Guest Post?

Mostly what we consider are quality content. We love to write about quality content so much, and Rich content so below are things that will make us not approve your post if we find out

  1. Affiliate link
  2. Self-promotion
  3. Plagiarism
  4. Low-quality contents
  5. Spintax
  6. Duplicate Contents

Once we find any of the above mentioned in the post you are sending to us, we will not approve it on our blog, and we will not give you any notification for the disapproval we may not notify you. Before submitting your article to us, please keep a copy of your submitted post on your hard drive as we may not send it back to you.

Now after you follow the guidelines mentioned above, send all your information to knigulper(at)gmail.com, and please we have the right to change images you send to us due to copyright reasons also we still maintain all right to edit or change any text/word that violates Google policy.

If you have any question, query, or suggestion feel free to shoot a message using our contact form.