Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How to Easily Add Hreflang Attribute to BlogSpot

Technically, with rel="alternate" hreflang="x" attribute, you specify the language of a web page in the eyes of search engines. By adding hreflang annotations to your Blogger templates, you are helping search engines like Google and Yandex serve the right language for a regional searcher. Occasionally, Hreflang annotations may be difficult to implement and often occurs a number of errors in Google search console. Here's an easy guide how to make your hreflang work in one straight method.

Hreflang Attribute for blogger

Let's suppose there are two similar topics on the web one is written in Hindi language and another is written in the Urdu language. Therefore, when a searcher types the topic on Google and Yandex, they shows search results based on the searcher's location. So, when you apply hreflang to your HTML page, the searcher discover your content in SERP based on his regional language with the help of hreflang attribute you added.

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An improper implementation of hreflang tag may cause conflict in the search console. You might have seen dozens of hreflang conflicts in search console under the international targeting. This is due to improper hreflang implementation that returns to homepage only.

When adding the hreflang to BlogSpot template, keep in mind that HTML hreflang tag may cause the conflicts because they do not work the way we add them. So how should you add the hreflang annotation? Simple, add XML format with data tags.

Steps to Add Hreflang Tag to BlogSpot:

  1. Sign in to your Blogger dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML
  2. Just below <head> add the given hreflang attribute
  3. <link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='x-default' rel='alternate'/>
  4.  And finally, save your changes

The Hreflang='x-default adds a signal to search engines that a user querying in language "a" will want this result instead of a page with similar content in language "b". You can add Hreflang='x-default tag when you think that you do not want to serve for a specific language.

If you have contents in other languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, or have multilingual pages, you can specify the content language by replacing the x-default with ISO language code. Wrong language code does not make sense for both search engines and searchers.

Have a look at the following Hreflang tags:

<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='en' rel='alternate'/> specifies the English language
<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='en-us' rel='alternate'/> specifies the United States English language
<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='hi' rel='alternate'/> specifies the Hindi language
<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='zh' rel='alternate'/> specifies the Chinese language
<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='ur' rel='alternate'/> specifies the Udru language

Read complete ISO Language Codes on W3schools

Impacts Of Hreflang On SEO

  • It helps you to optimize your pages for users language and location
  • By adding hreflang you adds a signal to the search engine that it’s the same content, just optimized for different language and location
  • If you have the same content in two different languages on different URLs, it prevents the problem of duplicate content

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Monday, 12 March 2018

5 Tips to Dramatically Boost AdSense Earnings in 2018

Google Adsense is among the best ways to earn money from your site that stays the no. 1 earnings sharing system. You might turn into a millionaire with your Adsense monetized possessions. But with a few lucky and the overall understanding of what works with Adsense websites and what does not, this could become a stable income source for you. That's a question almost everyone asks before leaping on the Adsense wagon.

boost adsense earnings

There is not a universal response some Webmasters are earning a full-time income from one Adsense website, while others with 5 or more websites cannot even cover their hosting fees. How much you'll make with Google Adsense depends upon lots of factors.

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The overall state of the economics or the things advertisers Google has managed to draw. Nevertheless, there are also lots of factors within your control. For instance, if you have one website with 10 pages just that you will make thousands of times less than if you've got 2 websites with hundreds of pages. Fundamentally, all equal, the more content you have the more you'll make money.

There are no other best choices to Google Adsense from the pay-per-click industry. Nevertheless, not many publishers can earn huge money from AdSense though they're good at marketing or SEO.

Where are the numerous reasons? Yes, there are plenty of factors that affect the AdSense earnings you might have missed.

Here are a few important factors which will allow you to build a prosperous AdSense income blog:

1. Choose High Paying Niches

The highest paying niche is also an additional factor for AdSense success. With only 5 cents per click and 200 clicks per month, could you live on? I don't think so. That is why you have to think about the highest paying niches which have a higher bid from advertisers.

Nevertheless, along with sheer volume, there is yet another significant consideration what your website is about, or to place it professionally, which market your website. Various niches aren't equally profitable ones. You will find niches, like finance or health, where high-value of clicks are possible.

Niches, such as history or culture, where you can make nearly nothing with Adsense. This is why you need to select a market where clicks pay well. Once you pick the right market, you will need to find the high volume keywords in it and optimize your website for them.

2. Right Ad Units Placement

Many bloggers would save space for other stuff and move Adsense advertisements down to the end of the page or somewhere that's difficult to draw the attention of readers.

Strategic placement of the ad units is very important for your profits. Quite logically, whenever you place advertisements where they're visible, this significantly increases the number of clicks you'll get. The best places are over the fold and in the text itself. You can take a look at AdSense placement tips from Google to see which places are thought to be good, best, and worst for ad placement.

3. Targeted Traffic

Yes, there are several ways to drive visitors to your blog so that your AdSense earnings increase. If you are good in search engine optimization or keywords investigation, you know just what to do to induce more organic visitors to your blogs.

Keep track of top trending keywords or at least high paying keywords you should use Google Keyword Planner to see what the keywords bid is by the advertiser. Another thing you should think about is to write quality contents in your niche. They should not be auto blogs, but actual sites with campaign.

4. Your Invested Time

If you're thinking about something such as auto blogs or autopilot models, my advice is which you ought to quit making money online with Adsense this way.

5. Click-through Rate

Strategic placement is very important, but there are other aspects you have to take into account.

Here are a few tips to be able to draw more clicks:

a) Pick The Right Ad Size

Adsense offers numerous sizes in the shape of rectangles, squares, buttons, texts, videos, and banners. Usually, buttons and videos get more clicks as compared to other ad units. Try to place the buttons at the top of your blog posts and in the middle of articles.

b) Choose Custom Color and Font

In AdSense dashboard, you can customize the ad color and font to best match your website appearance. This might help you to get more clicks on your ads.

c) Switch To Auto Ad

Google recently launched auto ad unit for publishers. Once you switch to auto ad units, the AdSense artificial intelligence will automatically decide the best ad placement for your website. AdSense usually display the ad units between, above, and under the articles to help publishers earn more and more from their websites.

Your Turn

If you know any trick regarding the AdSense earnings, please share them here and let me know your strategic methods.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

How To Reactivate Disabled Google AdSense Account

Last week I published a post in which I explained how to cancel inactive AdSense account and I received many emails and a couple of readers asked me how to reinstate disabled Google AdSense account. This tutorial is only for those who don't know how to reinstate AdSense account. If you believe that your AdSense account violated its policies and guidelines you can file an appeal and explain your invalid clicks and impression using the AdSense appeal form.

Recover Disabled Google AdSense Account

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Sometimes, we act like there is nobody watching our activities but we forget that Google is smarter than you and me. Google knows everything that we do on the internet by identifying the browser cookies and IP address.

You might have seen many people in the help centers and forums are asking that they didn't clicked their ads and still their AdSense accounts got disabled for no reason. How is it possible? If you are among those who have also lost their Adsense accounts then I have a good news for you.

Yes, you can get back your AdSense account. If your account was disabled for suspicious impressions and clicks then I will show you how to regain access to your account with few tricks and tweaks. All you need to follow the step by step guide.

Regaining the access to your AdSense account is an easy task. But you have to be more specific while filling out the form. Just describe the following:

Name: Type your full name in the first field

Contact email: Type email address that is associated with your disabled AdSense account. If you are not able to log in to your email, you can type any Gmail address where you would like to receive the Adsense reply. In the third field, type your website/app/blog/youtube address where you have placed the ads. In the 4th field, type your website/app/blog/youtube address where you intend to place the ads. Now in the 5th field, explain have you ever purchased the traffic to your website where ads were active? If yes, then give details of how and where you purchased the traffic. If you did none then describe it too. In the 6th field, explain how you promoted your contents of the site where ads were running. In the 7th field, describe how you violated AdSense policies and finally, illustrate how will you improve your site quality in future. Now it is time to include suspicious activity log detail if you have one and hit submit button.

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Steps to Recover Disabled AdSense Account

In order to reinstate Google AdSense account, you have to follow the steps carefully. The slightest mistake may lead to an unsuccessful appeal.

Kindly, note that this form implies only for the disabled accounts, not disapproved accounts. If you are confused about these terms, let me clarify.

When you apply for Adsense and they reject your application that is called disapproved. It happens when your site doesn't meet the AdSense guidelines. They reject your application when you have insufficient contents, low-quality contents, site navigation issue, and much more.

If AdSense have approved your application and later they banned it for violating its policies that is called disabled or suspended Adsense account. It happens when you make a sequence of mistakes like invalid clicks, traffic exchange, exchange links, placing too many ads and much more.

  1. Go to AdSense contact appeal form at https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/appeal_form
  2. Once there, you will see appeal form with predefined instructions
  3. Fill out the fields with appropriate and relevant details
  4. Review the details that you are going to submit
  5. Finally, click Submit button

Google AdSense will contact you within 7 business days depending on the volume of appeals.

Before you submit your form, once again review the details in the form fields and fill them with appropriate information according to your suspicious activities that resulted in your account disabled. Also, keep in mind that once you submit the form you cannot file the second appeal for the same account.

Are you facing any issue regarding this post, feel free to leave your comments. Your feedback will be encouraged highly whether they are positive or negative.

Friday, 16 February 2018

How To Cancel An Inactive Google AdSense Account

How To Cancel An AdSense Account If There Is No Cancel Option: AdSense is one of the most successful programmes launched, developed and run by Google Inc. to help the bloggers monetize their contents without a headache. Every product/program is facing the competitions that Google is currently running but AdSense is one of the programmes that defeats the other Ad networks every moment and every year.

cancel inactive adsense account

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When it comes to AdSense terms and conditions it is very hard to get approved for running the AdSense ads on our blogs, website and youtube channels. In this case, we blindly apply for AdSense multiple times with different accounts and finally, when we resubmit our application to AdSense, we face the challenges of having the multiple accounts.

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As we know, we are only allowed to maintain one AdSense account under the same payee name and under the same website. For example, if you have an existing AdSense account under the website www.yourwebsite.com, you cannot apply for another account under the same website. Haste makes waste! So, when we try our nonsense impatiently, it is equal to "to have your feet in two boats".

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In some cases, when we publish low-quality contents or have any privacy issue on our website, we get trapped in a big challenge like "why is the AdSense cancellation button not visible?" and thus we cannot resubmit our application because of having the multiple inactive accounts. And we get a warning message within our account "Please fix the issues we found so we can proceed with connecting your site". We have no option to cancel our account due to its non-availability in our AdSense account. Have a look at this screenshot.

AdSense privacy issue

Now the question is how to cancel my AdSense account when there is no cancel option? Is it possible to cancel this type of account? Yes, you can cancel your account with just a few clicks.

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Steps To Cancel An Inactive AdSense Account

  1. Go to gmail.com and log in with the account that you want to get cancelled
  2. Now type https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/account_cancel in the address bar and hit Enter key
  3. You will be landed to this page that looks approximately like this
  4. Fill AdSense cancel form

  5. Fill the form with appropriate details (First name, Last name, Contact email address, and Your AdSense Publisher ID) and click submit button
  6. Note: In the Contact email address field, you can type any gmail address where you want to receive the reply from Google AdSense. In Your AdSense Publisher ID you must enter your AdSense publisher ID that you want to cancel.

  7. AdSense will review your cancellation request within 7 business days. It may take less than 7 days or more than 7 days.

Facing any other issue, please leave your comments and I'd like to answer whatever your questions may be, with pleasure.

Monday, 5 February 2018

How To Add Ads.txt File To BlogSpot Blogs

How To Enable Ads.txt File To Blogger Blogs: Recently, Google introduced Ads.txt file for Blogger to put the BlogSpot blogs on fire for better blogging platform. And this is what I always prefer blogger platform as compared to other CMSs. This is the beginning of the improvement and development for BlogSpot. Before I take you to the step to add the Ads.txt file to blogger, lets understand what is the Ads.txt file?

Ads.txt for blogger

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Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers and it is an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab (IAB) to promote and improve transparency in the advertising program. This is an easy way for Adsense publishers to clearly point out to authorized buyers to sell their inventory.

Ads.txt was not available in blogger but now it exists. Now you can edit Ads.txt as you wish and for you who get this warning message like this:

Your earnings are at risk - One or more of your ads.txt files does not contain the AdSense publisher ID. Fix this issue right now to avoid having a serious impact on your revenue.

How to Enable Ads.txt On Blogger?

To enable the Ads.txt on Blogger, you can enable this great feature in Blogger by navigating to the  Dashboard > Settings > Search preferences > Monetisation > Custom ads.txt > Then click edit link and choose Yes and fill in the empty column with the Ads.txt file and hit Save.

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Replace the blue text with your Adsense ID.

Ads.txt file

To check whether Ads.txt  is enabled or not, you can open the browser and add an ads.txt suffix to your website URL like this:


Replace knigulper.com with your blog address and you are on the go.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

109 Keyboard Shortcuts For Brainy Social Media Marketers

Today, I am going to share 109 useful keyboard shortcut keys that will not only save your time but will also help you to work faster across the internet on various websites, browsers and operating systems. These shortcut keys are very helpful for everyone one who scroll the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter (microblogging), Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus, Linkedin and Medium.

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keyboard shortcut keys for SMM

In addition to social media keyboard shortcuts, I will also show you a handy sequence of shortcut keys for Youtube, Canva, Buffer and Stack Overflow. By learning these navigation keys, you can impress your friends, co-workers, and of course, your boss.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Use youtube keyboard shortcuts to get access to various functions like play/pause, move forward/backword, skip to next/previous, increase/decrease volume and much more.

Toggle play/pause the video K or Spacebar
Go back 5 seconds Left Arrow
Go back 10 seconds J
Go forward 5 seconds Right Arrow
Go forward 10 seconds L
Skip previous section of the video Numbers 1-9 (don't use the keypad numbers)
Restart video 0 (don't use the keypad numbers)
Go to Full Screen mode F
Exit Full Screen mode Escape
Go to beginning of video Home
Go to end of video End
Increase volume Up Arrow
Decrease volume Down Arrow
Increase playback speed Shift+. or Shift+>
Decrease playback speed Shift+< or Shift+,
Move paused video forward . (Period)
Move paused video backward , (Comma)
Mute/unmute video M
Turn captions on/off C
Cycle through options for caption background color B
Move to the previous video in a playlist Shift + P
Move to the next video in a playlist Shift + N
Place text cursor in search field to start typing /

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to SEO and beautiful text formatting, Google+ win all the games. It is the most profitable network on the internet. We can share our ideas or post comment by pressing the keys on our keyboards.

Next or previous post J or K
Search /
Create a new post C
Comment on selected post R
Share selected post S
View attachment on selected post V
Add or remove a +1 on the selected post +
Strikethrough – (dash before and after the text)
Bold text * (asterisks before and after the text)
Italics text _ (underscore before and after the text)

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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter is very clever in every espect as compared to other social sites. If you throw your mouse away, you can still use twitter in a different style. We can use twitter shortcut keys to retweet a tweet, reply to a tweet, send messages and much more.

Compose a new tweet N
Send a tweet Ctrl + Enter
Exit the compose window Escape
Favorite a tweet F
Reply to a tweet R
Retweet a tweet T
Send a direct message M
Mute a user U
Block a user B
Open tweet details Enter
Close all open tweets L
Move to the next tweet J
Move to the previous tweet K
Move down a page Spacebar
Move up a page Shift + Space
Go to the twitter Search box /
Home G + H
Notifications G + N
Mentions G + R
Profile G + P
Likes G + L
Lists G + I
Messages G + M
Settings G + S

LinkedIn Keyboard Shortcuts

LinkedIn has many advanced features that are not available on other social media platforms. But one thing that makes me angry is - they do not have much keyboard shortcuts. I tried a sequence of key combinations to reveal the LinkedIn shortcuts but the result is still a big zero. Here are two useful keys that you may use.

Add an image Tab + Enter
Post your comment Tab + Tab + Enter

Medium Keyboard Shortcuts

In Medium, Cmd and Ctrl keys play the same role. You can access the same function while using cmd and ctrl keys. For example, if you hit Ctrl + K, it will add a link and similarly if you hit Cmd + K, it will also add a link.

Add a link Ctrl + K
Add a separator Ctrl + Enter
Block quote Ctrl + Alt + 5
Leave a TK reminder T + K
Ctrl + Alt + 8 Set image as featured image
Alt + Click Set focal point on featured image
Add a code block + & +

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Tumblr has also assigned keyboard shortcuts that we can use to work/browse faster and smarter to save our time. We can perform the operations more quickly and efficiently.

Next or previous post J + K
Share a post S
Like a post L
View a post notes N
Open a post destination Enter
Search /
Compose a new post Alt + C
Repost Alt + R
Add a post to your queue Alt + E
Insert GIF Ctrl + Shift + G

Buffer Keyboard Shortcuts

If you own a blog or a website you probably know about the buffer. Buffer is the greatest tool where we share our blog post to multiple social media networks with just a single click. You can use the keyboard to switch between your linked profiles.

Switch between your connected profiles Alt + Number key
Open the Buffer browser extension if you have it installed Alt + B
Add updates to your Buffer queue Ctrl + Enter
Go to team inbox G + O
Like a tweet or Facebook comment F
Follow user F
Archive conversation E
Focus on the composer Enter
Send reply, archive conversation, and move to the next conversation Ctrl + Enter
Send reply and stay in the conversation Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert emoji : (Colon)

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva is one of the awesome tools where we design graphics like social media photos, banners, blog post images, logos and much more. Do you know, you can design a beautiful banner within just a few minutes by using the shortcut keys of canva. You can access these keys on different web browsers like chrome, safari, and firefox.

Add text T
Add border around your text box Alt + Shift + B
Transform your text to uppercase Ctrl + Shift + K
Align your text Ctrl + Shift + (L or R or C)
Group elements Ctrl + G
Ungroup elements Ctrl + G
Turn grid lines on or off Ctrl + ; (semicolon)

Stack Overflow Keyboard Shortcuts

Stack overflow is the world's largest community where you can discuss any issue (Q&A) with the experts regarding programming language like CSS, HTML, jQuery, php, Sql, Java, C++, C, Python and much more..

While accessing the keyboard shortcut on stockoverflow, we use ? to display a list of keyboard shortcut keys. Read the official guide.

Go to G
In-page navigation N
Inbox I
Recent achievement R
Search S
Help ?
Enable auto help H

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

When we check, compose or reply to our emails we usually use laptop touchpad or mouse to get our work done. But do you know you can use the shortcut keys in Gmail? You can read the official guide for the complete list of keys.

Compose a new mail C
Open a new compose window in a new tab D
Star an email or remove star S
Mark as unread (selected mail) Shift + U
Show menu H + M
Show archived hangouts H + A
Send Ctrl + Enter
Reply R

Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts

To enhance your messanger, you need to install the chrome extension or Firefor ad-on, which assigns helpful keyboard shortcuts to messanger.com.

If you would like to know these keyboard shortcuts, buffer has explained a handy guide on their blog:

messanger keyboard shortcuts

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you know more keyboard shortcuts, please share them here so that I can update this post.