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Welcome to http://www.knigulper.com/. A great resource for bloggers where you find the best blogging tips, exceptional ideas, sophisticated SEO techniques, Blog designing, Blogger widgets, Templates/themes, Plugins, tips and tricks, and much more. From my experience. I am connected to blogger since 2009.

My Professional Skills Are:

SEO 100%
HTML5 100%
CSS3 100%
XHTML 100%
XML 100%
jQuery 98%
Bootstrap 87%
JSON 80%
JavaScript 79%
AJAX 70%
PHP 69%
MySQL 55%
C++ 40%


The word Knigulper doesn't have a specific meaning. Once I was discussing with my friends about the list of unique and unknown words, and suddenly the word Knigulper arose in my mind which is pronounced as kɪŋɡʌlpə and later I named my blog name as Knigulper which is pronounced as kɪŋɡʌlpə.  http://www.knigulper.com/ is a personal blog. Our aim is to provide exceptional Ideas, Creative Design, Infographic Education and Sophisticated SEO techniques for free. We explain the things clearly and letting the readers know where they stand. We've achieved 2100 subscribers in just 6 months and still counting. We usually cover professional blogging tips, SEO Guide, Social Media Marketing, Make Money Online and much more. http://www.knigulper.com/ tries to cover almost all possible topics related to blogger.

As I earlier mentioned, I am connected to blogger since 2009. I ran into blogging while killing time on my old dusty desktop. That was like 4 years ago. That’s another story, coming to that soon. Anyway, my mom wanted me to be a Doctor, a Heart specialist may be. However, like I said, I ran into blogging, and as an obvious conclusion, I fell in love with it! And our love story was begun

Anyway, the journey began. I started it just for the time-pass purpose. I was absolutely zero-brainier about blogging at that time. I never took it seriously. Time is like a river, it kept flowing. I kept wasting time, and my subconscious mind went deeper and deeper into the blogging. Meanwhile, I started reading success stories of great bloggers and finally, I got introduced to some great blogging communities. Naturally, I was drawn to the irresistible attraction of blogging (& the money from it, to be honest).

As a result, my exam grades went down. My parents thought I'm good for nothing (they still think). So they lost hope on me (they expected me to be the heart surgeon -_- ). Anyway, this resulted from an enormous pressure on my chest and from then, I could blog more freely. That’s my story. I’m still alive and dreaming. And editing the story again and again.


To be a bit technical, this is a blog that gets around 800 page views per day, and if I stretch my mathematical skills a bit, that is equal to around 800*30 = 24000 page-views per month. And about 210 unique visitors per day.

Plus we have an Alexa ranking of 224,172 worldwide and 21,061 in India. 89.70% of our total traffic is organic, that is, coming from search engines. [January 02, 2016]

You can hire me for many reasons like SEO audits and template designing.


Obviously, you can. You can write articles for us. Have a look at our guidelines and send us your piece of art. We only publish the blogger related tutorials on this site. Therefore, before you write for us, go to our homepage and have a look at our contents that will help you to get some ideas.


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