Thursday, 19 January 2017

How to Display The Accurate Meta/Post Title on Google

Display Accurate Meta Titles in Search Results

Meta tags are actually the HTML commands for search engines to display the search results. Search engines display the same results what we ask them. If we provide the wrong information, they will show us the wrong results too. Therefore, we must provide the correct and exact HTML meta tag elements for search engines. A little carelessness may harm our SEO and our blog will get disappear in search results. So why should we take the risk for our passion or business? I have published the many tutorials about SEO but today's post is the most important guide and you can take the good advantages from it.

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Last month I did a little research how Google, Bing, and Yahoo display the meta titles in search results. Therefore, I searched many blogs in google, bing, and yahoo and I came to know that Google and Yahoo usually display the following search results:

January 2017 - Blog-Name

February 2017 - Blog-Name

March 2017 - Blog-Name

April 2017 - Blog-Name

May 2017 - Blog-Name

June 2017 - Blog-Name

July 2017 - Blog-Name

August 2017 - Blog-Name

September 2017 - Blog-Name

October 2017 - Blog-Name

November 2017 - Blog-Name

December 2017 - Blog-Name

We all are familiar with meta tags like meta title and meta description. Both plays the important role for search engine optimization. There are many reasons why Google and Yahoo display these search results. I have observed three reasons they are:

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1. Duplicate Title Tags

The first reason is; duplicate title tags. When search engines detect the duplicate title tags, they usually show up these annoying search results.

2. Long Post/Page Titles

There is a limit to everything. When we cross the limits, we generally face the consequences. The algorithm of search engines does not display the long post/page titles accurately. Many people try to make their post/page titles like a description that's a very bad practice.

3. Missing Title Tags

This is the third and highly possible reason. I am not an SEO expert who can explain this in brief. However, if you think your blogs doesn't have the correct/necessary meta tags, you can delete your old meta tags from your blogger template and copy the SEO pack from here and past it right after the <head> tag in your template. This pack will add the all missing resources in your blogger posts/pages.

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