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Killer Image Optimization Tips for Blogger Blogs

Images are an integral part of making your site visually appealing for the visitors. Search Engine Optimization is the most critical part for any Blogger. If you write hundred of contents but they are not visible to Search Engines, then consider all your invisible contents are for no use. Here I will share how to gain better SEO results with the images. Search Engines are very smart they look the relevancy of your images that you publish your articles.

Image Optimization Tips for Blogger Blogs

A successful blogger should focus on better SEO. Blogger {} is a great service which provides the users a convenient way to deal with Blogspot sites which are easy to use. You collect excellent explanation associated with that item, but if you do not Have good pictures for that product or whether you have a very good top quality images which aren't optimized well, your images won't even appear on the search results page under that keyword

Bad SEO Image File Formats

Many times when you publish an image on the web they are not indexed and crawled by the Search Engines due to invalid image formats like .JPEG, .JFIF, .GIF and many other.

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Change Your Image File Format for Better SEO

The better SEO image format is .PNG because it is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. The file format .png is the top widely used lossless image compression format on the Internet.

How to Format Images For Better Ranking

Right click on the image > Open With > Paint.
Now rename the image with the relevant text. Use the hyphen among the words instead of pressing the spacebar. I presume you want to type the Blogger is a great service so you have to include the hyphen (-) like this Blogger-is-a-great-service. This text will work as an Alt tag and select .PNG file format and hit Save(See the ScreenShot)

Increase Your Blogger SEO With Images

Now go to your blogger and upload the image. When you finish the uploading, left click o the image and select properties where you need to write the Title (Title attribute which has text to be displayed when the user hovers mouse over the picture wind up with an XHTML picture research) in title text box and the Alt text (Text inside anchor tag and next to the anchor text is particularly going to influence picture search rankings) in alt text box of the content and hit OK.

Note: - Enter the text in Alt Text box that you have entered while renaming the image.

Increase Your Blogger SEO With Images

Now your blogger images will start ranking and it will increase your page rank in Google and in other search engines.

Pro Tip: Go to and reduce the image size without losing its quality and transparency. This tip will help you to reduce the page loading time. Page loading time matters a lot for Google ranking.

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