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Creating Extremely High Quality Contents for Blogs

17 Tips to Write Extremely High Quality Content

Tips to Write High Quality Contents For Better SEO - In my recent post 16+ SEO Tips and Recommendations for BlogSpot in which i discussed the SEO tips & recommendations. I covered the all possible ways to get search engine ranking and reputation but today, I am going to share the 17 secrets to writing extremely high-quality content for blogger. This topic will reveal "how to provide unique contents for search engines and blog readers". This usually happens to many bloggers who design their blogger templates SEO and user-friendly but what if they do not provide original and high-quality contents to their readers?

Content writing is a good practice to gain the organic traffic. As a publisher, I have seen Google usually rejects those sites they offer duplicate, irrelevant and poor writing contents. These contents not only impact the SEO but the chances are; your contents will never be shown in search results. Never pretend to be the over smarter than search engines especially Google. Google has the ability to detect the duplicate and poor writing contents. Therefore, I suggest you update your old contents before going to publish the fresh posts.

Now I will come straight to the main topic. I will try to cover everything that is important for every blogger. If you feel I missed some important tips in this article, you can suggest me the improvements through the comments and I will add the missing resources happily. We will discuss What are High-Quality Contents and How to Write High-Quality Content.

1. What are the High-Quality Contents?

  • The contents that we write in our own words without using the copy paste from the other websites.
  • The contents that consume our time and attention.
  • The contents in which we provide a lot of information about the topic.

2. How to  Write High-Quality Content?

  • Do not jump directly to the post editor
  • Write your contents using copy and pencil and keep practicing
  • Use proper heading, sub-heading, and minor heading
  • Use polite and entertaining words to let your readers enjoy the reading
  • Describe your topic briefly
  • Divide your topic into relevant sections
  • Write catchy and short content titles
  • Do not repeat the same words again and again
  • Use the correct spelling through spell checker
  • Write your contents in well formatted
  • Use blockquote around the codes
  • Avoid publishing the fake and scam contents
  • Don't get excited while writing a blog post
  • Avoid insulting the other bloggers like someone's blog post do not work, you have come to the right place etc.
  • Be cool and calm
  • Ask your readers to suggest improvements. Your readers are everything for you.
  • Have a cup of coffee while writing a blog post
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