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13 Penalized SEO Exercise You Need to Think About

13 Penalized SEO Exercise

Bad search engine optimization practices are very harmful to every blogger which could get your blog banned from internet search engine indexes. Over the past years, search engines have become the smarter more than your imagination. If you think you could bypass their algorithms with you tricks, you are probably wrong and my advice is, either you stop blogging or follow the search engine's algorithms. Today's post sorts 13 typical SEO practices so you will know which ones to put in effect and those that to pass on.

1. Content Creation: The great SEO practices every blog owner must strive to create content related to your blog subject. Develop quality back-links - incoming links to your website which are relevant and from popular sites.

2. Anchor Text: Use anchor text when making links in your posts. Link to other pages in your very own site to develop deep links. Check the standard of your outbound links with a free PageRank checking tool. Make your pictures clickable to related content and use the picture's description field to allow viewers know where the link will take them.

3. Flash Templates: The bad SEO practices every blog owner must steer clear of! Flash - not only do Flash sites load gradually and irritate viewers, flash can't be read by spiders, and for that cause, no flash content may be indexed. If you should use flash on your site, make sure you include alternative picture text.

4. Frames: Frames are not supported by some browsers and are bypassed by some internet search engine spiders. If you must use frames, include a <noframes> page with a good description of the page.

5. Overuse of external links: Use links when required to improve your viewer's experience and enlarge their knowledge, but overuse of external links dilutes the standard of your very own blog's content.

6. JavaScript: Content contained in Javascript is overlooked by search engines and make web spiders confused.

7. Image only Navigation: If you utilize picture links for the blog navigation, include a hypertext as well.

8. Link only Pages: If you create a link page, contain related explanations with the links. Search engines sometimes equate link only pages with spam.

9. Frequent Minor Corrections: Updates the old content is good for Search engine optimization to make the updates useful and substantive. Minute alterations to old content, particularly frequent ones, might give the appearance that you are only doing the updates to attract the attention of search engines.

10. Repeated Links on the Same Page: Prevent including identical links on the same page. Those links could drop your search engine optimization ranking.

11. Link Exchanges: Participation in deliberate link circles and link exchanges might give the appearance to search engines that you're buying inbound links but if the attempt to exchange the links in unrelated link circle, you could be penalized by the search engines.

12. Duplicate Content: Make your contents unique and high quality. Before you create a content, search the web whether the targeted content exists or not. Identical content appears spammy to search engines.

13. Broken Links: Occasionally check your links and fix broken links. However, if you want to remove the broken links from showing in search results, you can remove them from Google Webmasters tool.


Google Webmaster Tools may give you some very specialized information and supplies you with comprehensive reports about your web pages visibility on Google. You may see what Google thinks about the pages, you can figure out the Top Search Terms getting used by any visitors and you can control a number of inbound links, outbound links etc.

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