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Top Secrets of SEO Ranking Factor for Blogs

SEO Ranking Factor

If you have a blog with hundreds and thousands of contents but not visible to search engines then what lefts behind? All non-indexed contents are undoubtedly useless. I think it's better to have an indexed post than hundreds of non-indexed contents. Having the indexed articles are not much enough but we need to rank them in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are many ways by which we can rank our contents in top 10 search results but most of them are paid services.

So you might be wondering what are the factors that cause high ranking without paying the money. The answer is Link Building Factor. Since link building is among the main components of SEO it is therefore essential to be alert to what to look for and just how to properly go about link creating. The main thing to keep in mind about link building is this - Are the sites you're considering linking to relevant? You may have noticed whenever you do a search on an internet search engine like Yahoo or Google, next to the website is a percent. That is the percent that the Internet search engine rated the website as relevant to the essential phrases you put in.

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So you may be asking how Google creates this percent of relevancy? The answer is straightforward. Whilst it's not the only element, one among the key variables is the number of sites which contain your link. To get your link on someone else page typically requires something called a hyperlink exchange or reciprocal hyperlink. What this means is, essentially, they'll place your link on their website in trade for you doing the same. It is essential to make sure which the sites you use for this part of search engine marketing link building are associated in some close way to your blog.

In case your blog is on golf and golfing, a link to a fishing blog is not going to be important. Not having relevant links in your Search engine optimization link building may have a bad impact on your internet search engine rating. Another key to recall with Search engine optimization hyperlink building is that most search engines favor the turtle strategy. That's to say, slow and constant wins out in the end. Search engines will often give higher rank and feedback pertaining to those sites that show constant, slow and constant upward movement. There's one exception to relevancy ranking that could have an effect on your Search engine optimization link building methods and the time frame you think about.

Some search engines won't rank a site unless it's been active for a minimum of 6 months. This time when your site may be unrankable is a great time to exercise your Search engine optimization link building. The longer an important link sits on your website and vice-versa, the more favorable it's looked upon.


The one thing you might not hear that usually is the quality of the websites linking to you is one thousand times more essential than the number of sites which do. Do not submit your contents to web directories neither spend your money on some inexpensive solution. It's the absolute good thing to know how to build your links in a proper way.

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