Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Drive Massive Blog Traffic Using Twitter Techniques

Get Blog Traffic for Free Using Twitter

Your blog keywords may not translate correctly to Twitter, but if you join them with popular hashtags and themes which work well in your content, you may have an excellent group to test. Then you could use those keywords more in your tweets and profile. Tweets get the main stage on Google right now, but perfecting your account of search on Twitter account allows you to have long term searchability. Twitter indexes your bio on a regular basis, so any modifications affect your relevance score in the search. This could help you show up more on both Twitter and Google when people search for all those keywords and hashtags.

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Your link is the greatest call to action for the Twitter account. The more sites which connect to your Twitter account, the more trustworthy a source it'll appear to search engines like Google. It's also possible to add the Twitter account link to the blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube video explanations, and newsletters. Be sure to file your Twitter profile to popular Twitter web directories to capture the eye of influencers trying to improve their authority as well. Google allows you embed code in your site to specify your favorite societal accounts, like Twitter, to include in search results page.

Also to your Twitter profile, you may set the profiles for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and Tumblr. Each time you tweet, you have a Chance to show up in Google search results page for a subject that the clients and prospects care about. While your tweets might not last as long on top of search results page as an Internet site would, you get more odds to be relevant throughout your tweets. You should use Twitter analysis to review the tweets and find out what is working best. That is why wealthy media is most effective for Twitter search. The words in your tweet may show up on Google, but the pictures and links in the tweet will show up on top of the search results page on Twitter.


There are many more social networks available by which you can drive massive traffic to your blogs for free as well as paid but every time you need to be the smarter and specific to grab the reader's attention in every way. Twitter is one of the best SEO platforms among them.

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