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Joomla Vs WordPress: Which One is Best For You & Why?

Want to know the pros and cons of WordPress and Joomla? Then read this post interestingly to make a good decision today. I am a big fan of Blogger which is one of the most popular and easy to handle blog publishing service. But here I will not discuss it with you because today's topic is Joomla Vs Wordpress. This review will help you to choose your best platform for your website/blog. Still wondering which one should you select? Let's count the pros and cons of Joomla and WordPress.

Joomla Vs WordPress

WordPress is a favorite open source platform for weblogs and Joomla can also be open source Content management system and incredibly popular system used for several sites. What's the differentiation between them and which is better? Since they're really different systems with distinct doctrine it is very hard to compare them and even harder or even difficult to determine which system is better. Each website has some purpose and fundamental form of use. Based on this purpose you need to make the choice which Content management system to use. You also ought to know there are also other content management systems like Drupal or custom options which could be made according to your specifications.

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Among the best advantages of utilizing an open source Content management system like Joomla or WordPress is a large community and several accessible extensions. Both popular web systems have a lot in common. There are plenty of templates or themes for WordPress and Joomla. For other, you've to pay some fee. Another common property is accessibility to a large number of extensions. You may get a plug-in for every possible function or job. Which implies that you could make your website according to your wishes and needs. If there's no extension you may still find somebody who'll create it for you.

Now you could ask what's the point of selecting between Joomla and WordPress if both systems could be used to create any type of website. Joomla is a universal CMS. It is just built on a general purpose platform allowing simple adaptation according to your settings. WordPress, and on the other hand, is a web blogging platform. This can be the main purpose of the WordPress CMS. You may still add plugins, theme along with other customizations, but the system will remain geared toward blogs. Blog means the publication of articles can add comments. You can disable these blog functions and make a Normal website, but administration UI will stay the same.

Another difference is the time required to become familiar with the system. WordPress is fairly simple even for novices while Joomla needs some time to get familiar with the Content management system concept. It's very hard to compare Joomla with WordPress. The best approach, if you're not familiar with them, is just to check them both with a few test installation and after that decide which is better for the website. Irrespective of your choice you'll use a system which has great support. From the user viewpoint, it isn't instantly clear on which system is the website based nor is this important.


The relevance and utility of Joomla and Wordpress depend on your knowledge of which you are going to launch the website/blog. Every content management system provides the tool includes a number of Search engine optimization benefits, without technical expertise, stretching them becomes nightmarish.

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