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How To Add AutoPlay Background Music Player to Blogger

AutoPlay Background Music for Blogger

Background music adds the extra beauty to our blogs. When a visitor land on our blog posts/pages, he keeps reading our blog post in a silence environment like there is nobody exists around the blog and thus he sometimes feels alone. Therefore, when it comes to entertainment blogs like movies or music, background music play the major role in our blogs. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add background music to Blogspot blog. The choice is yours, you can either add this to specific pages/posts or in entire blog.

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Everybody loves the music. Your readers will come again and again to enjoy the music on your blog, as a result, they will fall in love with your blog. I can hardly say they will miss the music but the condition is; music should be the heart touching.

Adding Background Music to Specific Posts/Pages to BlogSpot Blogs

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Select the post or page where you want to add the background music
  2. If you have already published the post/page click Edit or just create the new post/page
  3. Switch to HTML and paste any music code inside the pos/page editor
<audio src="" autoplay loop>
<audio src="" autoplay loop>
<audio src="" autoplay loop>
<audio src="" autoplay loop>
<audio src="" autoplay loop>
<audio src="" autoplay loop>
<audio src="" autoplay loop></audio>
<audio src="*8h-GcHtb16mUnNMCBEXVUujbP3ILxLJoO6p1oOCW9nfUzTEK05vjuoJ6KyhXtz*XYxFGwLHofZdZ2OcMPLyaGpuVRvT/ThereSheGoes.mp3" autoplay loop>

Note: You can replace the blue text with you favorite music URL

Adding Background Music to Entire Blogger Template

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Layout >  HTML/JavaScript  > Add a Gadget
  2. Select your favorite music code from the above-mentioned codes and paste it in the popup content area and hit Save

Every time, when you visit your blog, the background music will be played automatically. However, if you want to add the music controller like play and pause button, you need to add this code instead of the above-mentioned codes.

<script id="player_type" language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var player_id=1;
var soundimage_player_start = 1;
document.write('<div id="soundimage_holder'+player_id+'" align="center">');
document.write('<div id="soundimage_player_main'+player_id+'"></div>');
document.write('<a id="soundimage_player_links'+player_id+'" href="" target="_blank" title="Royalty Free Music">Royalty Free Music</a>');
<script id="player_script" src="" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"></script> 

Important: If you are having trouble with the functionality of these codes, try another web browser. Your current browser may need to be upgraded to a newer version. It is highly recommended to visit your blog from Google chrome browser while enjoying the background music.


If you are running an entertainment blog like movies blog or music blog, you can take good advantages of the background music plugin and it is a good practice to impress your blog visitors with background music. It adds the extra sweetness to your blogger blog.

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