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Submit BlogSpot Sitemap to Google & Bing With Examples

Submitting your XML sitemap to Google and Bing is not only a great way to make your contents visible on the web but it makes clear to the search engines that you are the owner of a Blogger blog. Here is the easy tutorial about how to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing with practical examples.

Submitting Your Sitemap to Google

1. Go to Google Webmasters Tools
Click Add A Property > Enter your blogger homepage URL in the text field (ScreenShot)
Note: If you're living in India, your blogger will redirect to the .in Domain, in case if you're from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Canada etc. make sure to replace the country specific domain with .com.

submit sitemap to google

Click Add button.
Now you will see the new page like this

submit blogger sitemap to google search engine

2. Click the HTML tag option and you will see google verification HTML code. Copy the code and go to your Blogger > Template > Edit HTML and paste the code below the <head> tag and click Save Template.

3. Go back to Google Webmasters Tools and click Verify. (ScreenShot)

google webmasters verification code

When you press the verify button, you will see a success message Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of and click continue.

4. Go back to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences (ScreenShot)

blogger settings page

Add a site description at number 4 and write a description for your blogger.

5. Proceed to number 5 and click Edit > select yes and enter the below codes in the box and click save.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
Disallow: User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: / Sitemap:

Replace the blue text with your blogger URL.

6. Go back to Google Webmasters Tools and click the Crawl > Sitemaps > Add/Test Sitemap 

Now you will see your blogger URL and next to it an empty text box. enter sitemap.xml in the box and hit Submit and that's it.

Submit Your Sitemap to Bing

To submit your blogger sitemap to Bing, you need a Microsoft account like someone(at)

1. Go to Bing Webmasters Tools > Add a Site > Enter your blogger URL  > Click Add. (ScreenShot)

bing webmasters tools

2. Now the Bing will ask you to add a sitemap. Enter sitemap.xml in the second box and click Add. (ScreenShot)

submit blogger sitemap to bing

That's it. Enjoy! If this tutorial helped you, don't forget to share this with your friends.

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