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Reasons Why Google Hate Your BlogSpot Blogs

Reasons Why Google Demote Blogger Site

In our everyday blogging, we are just going to publish the new contents from our blogs but when we google our blogger address, we hardly can see our blogger homepage at the bottom of search results. The first search result comes up from the external links and websites that we have previously linked in our blogger posts and pages. These links and websites are responsible for our bad SEO.

Our blog search results also displays the unrelated links, texts, images that look very annoying and we want to delete our old blog and jumps to create a new blog that's a very bad idea because we'll face the same problem if we don't take the important steps to prevent our blog rank down in search engines especially in Google. I will show you few steps to take care of your blogger SEO.

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If you have created the fan pages for your blog on social media, these pages also show up in search results instead of our blog. Do you know why Google displays pages in search results?

Let's compare your blog to social media like facebook and twitter. Does your blog have more ranking in Google than social media? Obviously no. When we share our blog post on social media, we directly share them from our blogger sharing buttons with the same URL, title, and text that's the reason Google displays these pages at the top of your blogger search results because it creates the duplicate title and description for your posts/pages.

How to Share Your Blogger Posts on Social Media?

Next time, when you share your blogger posts and pages with social media, compress your post URL in Google URL shortener or use your preferred URL shortening service and copy the compressed URL and paste it where you want to share. I assume, you just published a new blog post having the title "A journey to Island". Make a little change in the title on social media. Have a look at the following examples

Blog Post: (A Journey to Island).

When Sharing with Social Media:  (Check out A Journey to Island with my Friend).

Now, google will not show this link and text as it did. Sometimes, we mention the external links in our blog posts using the simple text and these links also show up in search results. This is because Google shows these links in the form of simple text that get indexed very easily. Therefore, whenever, you write a blog post, use the HTML link tag with nofollow but when you link your old post in new ones, do not use the nofollow tag.

Believe, me next time when you search your blog in search engine, you'll observe the search result improvements for your blog.

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