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5 Tips to Dramatically Boost AdSense Earnings in 2018

Google Adsense is among the best ways to earn money from your site that stays the no. 1 earnings sharing system. You might turn into a millionaire with your Adsense monetized possessions. But with a few lucky and the overall understanding of what works with Adsense websites and what does not, this could become a stable income source for you. That's a question almost everyone asks before leaping on the Adsense wagon.

boost adsense earnings

There is not a universal response some Webmasters are earning a full-time income from one Adsense website, while others with 5 or more websites cannot even cover their hosting fees. How much you'll make with Google Adsense depends upon lots of factors.

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The overall state of the economics or the things advertisers Google has managed to draw. Nevertheless, there are also lots of factors within your control. For instance, if you have one website with 10 pages just that you will make thousands of times less than if you've got 2 websites with hundreds of pages. Fundamentally, all equal, the more content you have the more you'll make money.

There are no other best choices to Google Adsense from the pay-per-click industry. Nevertheless, not many publishers can earn huge money from AdSense though they're good at marketing or SEO.

Where are the numerous reasons? Yes, there are plenty of factors that affect the AdSense earnings you might have missed.

Here are a few important factors which will allow you to build a prosperous AdSense income blog:

1. Choose High Paying Niches

The highest paying niche is also an additional factor for AdSense success. With only 5 cents per click and 200 clicks per month, could you live on? I don't think so. That is why you have to think about the highest paying niches which have a higher bid from advertisers.

Nevertheless, along with sheer volume, there is yet another significant consideration what your website is about, or to place it professionally, which market your website. Various niches aren't equally profitable ones. You will find niches, like finance or health, where high-value of clicks are possible.

Niches, such as history or culture, where you can make nearly nothing with Adsense. This is why you need to select a market where clicks pay well. Once you pick the right market, you will need to find the high volume keywords in it and optimize your website for them.

2. Right Ad Units Placement

Many bloggers would save space for other stuff and move Adsense advertisements down to the end of the page or somewhere that's difficult to draw the attention of readers.

Strategic placement of the ad units is very important for your profits. Quite logically, whenever you place advertisements where they're visible, this significantly increases the number of clicks you'll get. The best places are over the fold and in the text itself. You can take a look at AdSense placement tips from Google to see which places are thought to be good, best, and worst for ad placement.

3. Targeted Traffic

Yes, there are several ways to drive visitors to your blog so that your AdSense earnings increase. If you are good in search engine optimization or keywords investigation, you know just what to do to induce more organic visitors to your blogs.

Keep track of top trending keywords or at least high paying keywords you should use Google Keyword Planner to see what the keywords bid is by the advertiser. Another thing you should think about is to write quality contents in your niche. They should not be auto blogs, but actual sites with campaign.

4. Your Invested Time

If you're thinking about something such as auto blogs or autopilot models, my advice is which you ought to quit making money online with Adsense this way.

5. Click-through Rate

Strategic placement is very important, but there are other aspects you have to take into account.

Here are a few tips to be able to draw more clicks:

a) Pick The Right Ad Size

Adsense offers numerous sizes in the shape of rectangles, squares, buttons, texts, videos, and banners. Usually, buttons and videos get more clicks as compared to other ad units. Try to place the buttons at the top of your blog posts and in the middle of articles.

b) Choose Custom Color and Font

In AdSense dashboard, you can customize the ad color and font to best match your website appearance. This might help you to get more clicks on your ads.

c) Switch To Auto Ad

Google recently launched auto ad unit for publishers. Once you switch to auto ad units, the AdSense artificial intelligence will automatically decide the best ad placement for your website. AdSense usually display the ad units between, above, and under the articles to help publishers earn more and more from their websites.

Your Turn

If you know any trick regarding the AdSense earnings, please share them here and let me know your strategic methods.

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