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How To Increase Your Blog Visitors With Few Tips & Tweaks

How to Attract The Readers to Your Blogs - You may have a lot of knowledge about how to increase your blog visitors because this topic has already been raised on other blogs. But today, I am going to peel it for you with a slightly different version.

increasing blog visitors

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I am going to share this trick for those who want to increase the number of visitors or guests for their blogs especially for beginners who do not have any idea about the art of SEO including me.

The common mistake of the newbie bloggers is to target the articles that they optimize only for search engines. They think that one day their articles will gain the top positions on search engines and they always wait for that time.

But by building the castles in the sky, the endless hand steers the mouse to their blog's refresh button and hopes that Google is kind enough to reward visitors for their blogs. If this stigma has been ingrained in your minds, then I suggest you change the direction of your thinking immediately.

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Visitors are the soul mates of a blog or website. In many ways, we can flood our blogs with a number of readers but every time we need to be more clever. Now let me ask you a simple question. What would you like to use software or a natural method to bring the 2000 visitors per day? Honestly, I prefer a natural one, because it is sporty, healthy and spam-free.

Here are few tricks and tweaks by which you can attract the blog visitors:

Attracting the website visitors is an easy and simple task. But I do not promise for a fantastic result because by using this method, it gives slightly different results depending on how we execute it. Now let's get started with these awesome methods.

1. Create an Account on Social Media

Be honest? can you sleep without visiting your social media accounts? This happened many times to me. Honestly, I cannot spend an hour without logging to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts and of course WhatsApp.

The logic is simple, almost the world's 1.96 billion population are using the social media. This will be a great promotional tool for a website or blog.

In addition to increasing the blog visitors, social media is believed to be able to influence the search engine ranking. Just create at least five accounts on different social media sites and apps like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer etc.

2. Create an Account on Social Bookmarking Sites

When you are done publishing a blog post, register your blog on many social bookmarks websites. If you publish your contents in regional language, then I suggest to create an account and include your blog on local social bookmarking sites. Then share every article on these sites on a daily basis.

3. Join The Group on Social Media

Joining the groups is the best way to boost your site traffic. You will definitely find the people who need your contents. After joining, do not rush to promote the blog posts.

Slow and steady wins the race. In order to gain the traffic, publicity, and reputation, promote your articles gradually. Promoting three articles after every three hours is total madness.

Give lots of likes and actively comment on the posts updated by the group members. If necessary, visit their websites and leave the friendly comments.

Pro Tip: Try to join the groups that have more members and follow the existing rules.

4. Make as Many Friends as Possible

Try to add friends from group members because these are the people who actually need your services or products. The more friends we have, the more hits we receive on your sites. Remember, they are potential visitors. If you think content is king, then they are the queens.

5. It is Time To Promote

After the points mentioned-above you go through, now it is the time we 'trade' our blog content through social media. First, share the maximum three most interesting and quality articles from your blog on all the groups.

Do not forget to make a brief and interesting promotional sentence. Then welcome the visitors who come, and give a positive appreciation.

Pro Tip: Choose blog articles that still have low traffic and keep promoting continuously.

6. Publish More and More Articles

This is the ultimate key of the above-discussed tips. The more articles we have, the greater our chances of getting the visitors. Publish the quality articles on your blogs, as quality articles work like ammunition to target the visitors.

Here are some advantages of using the social media bookmarking:

Social media becomes a mean to pick up the ball, while the search engines work like a batsman to wait for the ball. Through social media, we are free to determine the articles that we promote with hassle-free thinking about excessive SEO techniques.

Blogs are more likely to get visitors because the level of competition in social media does not require strict selection.

If you publish interesting contents on your blogs it can lure the visitor's attention, prepare yourself to welcome them as they are loyal blog visitors.

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