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10 Confirmed Factors to Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority as Google calls it, 'Online Business Authority,' is an essential factor for Google rankings. It is a clear indication from Google that they will be ranking a site based on its authority of the page and social network engagement. So let's get started in understanding how Domain Authority can be increased with few tweaks and secrets. You can build high domain authority to a site or blog by following white hat and grey hat SEO techniques.

Increasing Domain Authority

What Is DA and Why It is Important In SEO Industry?

The term Domain Authority is used to describe the trustworthiness of the information offered by websites. This means Google can determine the recognition of a site both the number of visits and time length spent browsing your web pages. The purpose of building the authority of your website should be apparent because the loyalty of your visitors is key to the long-term success of your site. Authoritative websites provide the users with valuable information. Users tend to revisit the site in future as opposed to searching again for sites that offer information on a particular topic.

When your website establishes itself as an authority within its field, it will have a positive impact on how other users and businesses perceive your brand. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of establishing website authority is because search engines like Google favor authority sites in search results. Search engine trusts the info and considers it to be of great value.

Which of The Following Factors Improves a Website Domain Authority (DA)?

Websites with high authority continually receive traffic from search engines for many years to come as they are considered trustworthy sources of information in the eyes of search engines.

Users tend to trust the information found on official websites and often turn to them to find information on specific topics. Consequently, authority websites tend to rank favorably on search engines over other results too.

No one knows precisely what indications Google use to rank the domains. It may be the popularity, reputation or trust in a Domain or Online Business.

Most authoritative domains have many links to them - this is for sure link building has traditionally been the most popular and widespread tactic - and with a number of these links usually by most third-party tools counted as score and value for domain authority.

Examples of authoritative and trusted domains are Google, Wikipedia, W3 schools, MOZ, and Apple.

In the past domain authorities and 'trust' ratings were given heavily to highly successful sites in the sense that they have gained many links from reliable sources, as well as from other online business authorities.

How to Boost Your Domain Authority?

Every site can also get a domain authority that is by building a brand or a trusted service that satisfy the clients, readers or visitors. SEO itself more often talks about a trusted domain. Domain authority is based on the number, type, and quality of incoming links to the site.

1. Cordon Off Your Non-Secure Domain

If you are involved in a serious business, you have probably heard about SSL or secure sockets layer. SSL benefits are significant for obtaining the search engine ranking. If you want massive traffic from Google, it is a good idea to purchase SSL certificate so that search engines feel confident in engaging in providing you loyal traffic to your site. An SSL certificate provides a way for search engines to be trusted by their algorithms and a way to make sure that sensitive information is kept safe.

Another advantage of secure sockets layer protection is that it makes conversations private. The cryptographic protocols used by the secure sockets layer turns useful data, such as credit card numbers, addresses, and other payment information, into useless bits of information. It protects private information and does what is expected of it. Customers benefit from secure sockets layer protection is a complete and professional technique to increase your domain and page authority in 2018 and onward.

2. Quality Content: Do You Really Need It?

Publishing the quality and unique contents is the first and topmost strategy to obtain the DA in the eyes of search engines. Could you realistically build a 50, 100 or 200 pages website of quality content in a brief period? If you do not know about writing the quality contents, then you can hire the writers who can produce popular and original articles for your blogs. So why not supplement your pages with unique posts authored by other writers? Fortunately, there's no shortage of great authors in the world.

Unique contents are the safest and reliable way to increase the domain authority. Fill out your site with lots of information such as posting lots of quality contents daily on your relevant subject. If you publish the materials that are considered low-quality and irrelevant to your domain, then do not expect it to appear in Google search results. High-quality content is the only way for an online business to be sustainable and to reach the user's trust at least in the local niche.

Having quality and long articles is a right way of improving your domain authority. If your brand gets high trust in a local niche or as referenced by other authoritative sites, Google will be happy to rank your site. Make Google believe that you will not spam either fill the contents with nonsense keywords and make Google look stupid at your blog. Keep content relevant to topics unless you produce high-quality content and do not let Google's algorithms detect unnatural practices.

3. Build Backlink - So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Building an active backlink profile is not enough to obtain the domain authority, but your link profile must be relevant to your niche. It is a close and vital factor in increasing your DA. Sometimes we create the links which Google consider infectious and irrelevant to our blog topics. These links are very harmful to SEO industry.

Look for links that look unnatural, like links coming from sites unrelated to your niche or industry or links from any broker sites and eliminate those relationships for the sake of domain authority.

4. Crackdown on Internal Linking

Linking internal articles is the easiest way to get ranked in SERP. These factors contribute to a positive user experience that may undoubtedly improve your DA.

The effectiveness of a long-term link building strategy requires a firm foundation. The basic framework of link building is the result of channeling enough connection flow from internal page to your preferred landing webpage via internal links. Just like you would not build castles made of sand, your link building plan requires depth, frequency, relevance, and stability as well as longevity to reach the objective and provide long-term rankings and value. There are two reasons to acquire links some are great for SEO and others are ideal for sending qualified traffic.

5. Why I Hate Domain Age

Some marketing experts might suggest that domain age is "Not something to worry about a big deal." Before we continue, it is essential to realize that domain age is not about how long that specific domain name has been in your possession. Instead, it means the amount of time that has passed since Google first indexed that particular domain.

'Age' is the acceptance of a term of years. But maturity is the glory of years.
(Martha Graham)

Does the Domain Age Affect Google Ranking?

A 7-year old domain but not recognized by Google is tantamount to owning a new domain. However, a website of seven years past will look more authoritative and trustworthy than a 1-2 years old domain.

If a new domain is one year old but referenced and linked by authoritative sites will be more valuable than a domain that is seven years old but still have no incoming links.

6. Shocking Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Social Media

Much of SEO work involves website tweaks that lead directly to better rankings and visitor engagement. There is an indirect channel that uses social signals to improve SEO outcomes not many people understand. Google's algorithm rewards social participation, which can be a powerful boost to webmasters who want to take their ranking to the next level. Social signals such as likes, shares, and follows are not just ways to attract new visitors; they are also essential elements of page ranking.

According to Search Engine Land, one of the most respected websites in the world of Search Engine Marketing and SEO, Google rewards pages with large amounts of followers and high social engagement, and the algorithm is particularly generous to pages with a lot of Google+ engagement than likes or follows on Facebook and Twitter.

Attracting followers can considerably increase the PR of a site without even attracting new visitors. While there is a difference of opinion in the SEO world about the extent of the impact social media signals can have on a website's organic search engine ranking, more and more experts believe that social signals are defiantly becoming important.

There are a few ways to help increase social engagement. Increase participation by setting up a poll or concluding with a question that asks the reader their opinion. Listicles and how-to articles tend to be the most shareable.

Try adding one or more of these elements to the next few articles you publish and see how social engagement and rankings improve as a direct result. It is easy to get caught up in the hype when it comes to social media. It is easy to start a social media campaign but keeping it consistent, creative and fresh is the real challenge.

Social media provides more opportunities for business owners to present optimized contents that can be indexed by the major search engines and ultimately improves site rating.

If your visitors are professionals who commute, then podcast can be downloaded and can be very useful. Posting videos on YouTube is a unique option to improve your position in Google's universal search results. With YouTube, visitors can visit the site, view your video and easily post to their blogs, social networking profiles or websites.

YouTube is an excellent way to reach a broader spectator and generate hype around new products, mainly if your product has a visual appeal. Building a healthy relationship with the readers, that last is an on-going process for a businessperson. Social network takes this a step farther by making that connection personal through blogs.

A blog, which includes video, pictures, and text, can build interest and loyalty among readers and a new way to search engine optimization.

7. Winning Tactics For Keywords

The most crucial goal why you want to get first page rankings is that you want to be visible to everyone who needs your product/service. Google, for example, is the number one search engine and it provides for billions of searches every month. Around 1.17 billion unique searchers use it every month.

If you are in business, you should also know that 93% of all purchasing decisions begin with an online search. The key to receiving organic traffic through Google is to attain first page rankings because first page sites get 91.5% of Google traffic.

Some keywords are popular than others so, you may want to consider just which keywords to aim for. Keyword A1 may have a search volume of 10,000 per month while keyword B1 may only have a search volume of 100/month. Being number 1 for keyword B1 may get you 32 clicks but being number 11 for keyword A1 will get you 100 hits.

8. Want To Be A Winner? Change Your Website Design Philosophy Now!

No matter, you want to shop, play games, communicate; you probably use smartphones, tablets, iPods and iPhones rather than the computer screens. These gadgets now become the necessity, especially for the young generation. If you wish to increase DA, then you need to make it responsive, which easily supports different web browsers.

If your site design is not mobile friendly then probably you are losing the tons of readers. One simple solution to such problem is responsive web design that effortlessly captures the attention of a visitor and quickly opens in different responsive gadgets. After deciding or understanding the fact that mobile-friendly website is a must, now the biggest question is how to design a responsive website.

The answer to this question is just that you take the help of a reputed Responsive Website Designing Company, or if you have the excellent technical knowledge, you can do it on your own. Here are some actionable points that help you to build a mobile-friendly site with responsive design.

Decide When You Need It: First of all, you have to make sure when you need a change for your website. It is since the responsive design has various ways of controlling your stresses the components of web pages. You have to decide either your site is capable enough to handle the change, or you need to rebuild the whole site. This decision will help you to build a mobile-friendly design.

Check Out Competitors Site: You should always follow the mover and shaker of your industry to get new ideas. Among the simplest ways to build a mobile-friendly site is to check the competitor's design on different gadgets and adopt the best model as an indication not for copying for your website design.

Hire Responsive Website Designing Company: Another most comfortable way to build a mobile-friendly site with responsive design is by taking professional Responsive Website Designing Services from a reputed company that you do not require to dig into the pool of technical data.

9. Proof That White Hat SEO Really Works

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves improving the volume of quality of traffic to your websites from the primary search engine like Google while White Hat SEO refers to website optimization strategies performed by following the best practices recommended by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These are always done by following the ethical standards that are recommended by these search engines. If you attempt to manipulate search rankings, your blog/website SEO strategy can be considered as a Black Hat SEO technique.

Search engines hate Black Hat SEO methods, and they will penalize the website by lowering its ranking, remove it from their index or even bury it deep down in search results page, say, your site appears on Page number 20 in Google search results. Nobody is ever going to visit your page if it gets buried.

Make sure your content will be coded on sitemap page which helps in bringing better results from your SEO efforts. As I earlier described above, the inclusion of proper keywords is also crucial because it captures the attention of the visitors. You should make sure that the keywords are even mentioned in the title, meta description, and keywords in articles.

Focusing on optimizing each page separately for dedicated keyword phrases increases the chances of business being ranked higher.

10. Is It Time To Talk More ABout Local Business Listing?

When Google finds a citation about the business, They will give you a "Point." You receive this point whether there is a link or not leading back to a website. More citations mean more points, which results in higher ranking.

Google also uses an algorithm named "Trust Rank." Trust rank is a search program by which various weights are assigned to different sites based on the Expert status of the person who illustrates the site. Google does not say that they use the trust rank algorithm for its Maps,  it would make a clear sense if they did. It implies that some citations are going to be worth a lot more than others.

As you promote your business, join associations, and participate in community activities, over time, you will probably garner a few citations. An ideal way to extend the number of citations you have to join the Universal Business Listings. By using this service, all of you need to do is post your company listing once. Then Universal Business Listing will automatically update your information to all of the major Search Engines, the major Online Yellow Pages, information directories, and many other industry directories. Improving your presence on these directories means your business will be exposed to a broad audience of local searchers.

Many of potential customers search Google for information on local services, inevitably a significant number of them explore their way to a local business directory. Many of these lists not only have stable brands budgets to drive traffic, but they also do well in organic search rankings for relevant search terms.

So even if you cannot get your site/domain rank higher for a particular search term, you can surface on the local directory site that ranks for that term. Perhaps even more critical is that links to your site and mentions of your business can help your website rank well in search engines as well as in the Google Places results.

Valuable Lessons About Domain Authority That You'll Never Forget

Domain age: (influential if along with other factors).

Duration of domain registration: (Precious and legitimate domains are usually paid for the next few years, while obscure domains are rarely used for a year). Paying for domains for several years in advance often make your domain trusted.

Top-level domains (TLD): The domain level is another matrics for getting listed in Google's trusted sites. Sites with .com are more trustworthy than .info, .blog, .cc etc.

Keywords in the domain: Having the relevant keywords in a domain is another factor that Google uses in SERP.

Geo-targeting: In Google Webmaster Tools, targetting your readers by changing the settings can potential effect the ranking.

I have discussed every possible element that plays a key role in increasing the Domain Authority. However, most site owners neglect the other useful elements that also play a crucial role in DA.

Before we attract the search engines, it is also vital that we should gain the trust of our readers. There are several ways by which you can make your domain authentic. However, the easiest way is you should fill your site with complete and accurate data by providing the About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact and Disclaimer pages for your website.

Besides, these pages, we should not neglect the social profile. Social profiles gives the sites an open identity.

Now It is Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed the article. Leave your valuable opinions, suggestions and feedbacks. I love to listen.

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