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Prevent Blogger from Redirecting your Blogspot Blog to Country-Specific URLs [blogspot] is a great site to use for hosting. Many people use it and most used applications for blogging seem to really love it. For the blogger there are so many useful themes to make the blogging experience the best possible for anyone. Here we will talk about it's country secific url redirection and how to prevent it. Country-specific domains is not a different blog address, but a domain redirect based on the country where you're currently located. For example, would be automatically redirected to in Canada, in the United Kingdom. Blogger explained that by doing this they could manage the blog content more locally so if there was any objectionable material that violated a particular country's laws they could remove and block access to that blog for that country through the assigned ccTLD while retaining access through other ccTLD addresses and the default URL. However it should be noted that if a blog using a country-specific URL was removed it is still technically possible to still access the blog through Google's No Country Redirect override by entering the URL using the regular address and adding /ncr after the .com
Google now redirects Blogger blogs to country-specific domains. For instance, if you open in your web browser, you will be redirected to if you are located in India or to or if you are accessing the blog from Pakistan.

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Stop Blogger from Redirecting to Country-Specific Domains

This country based URL redirection is likely to impact your Blogger blogs in a not so positive manner. For example:
  • The social stats – like your Facebook Likes, Google +1s and Tweet counts – for your blog posts may be reduced as the URLs for the same blog post will be different for different visitors.
  • You will have a similar problem if you are using an external commenting platform like Disqus or Facebook Comments because the blog URLs will be different even when the underlying page is the same.
  • Also, if radicalization isn’t implemented properly, it may cost you some Google juice as external websites may link to your country-specific pages.
  • Some users have reported a dip in Google AdSense earnings when pages are served through country-specific domains.

If you are not happy with the idea of Blogger redirecting your blog to a different URL, you can add the following piece of code to your Blogger template and it will always serve the .com address to your visitors irrespective of their geographic location.

Option #1
Step 1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard  >>Template  >>Edit HTML. 
Step 2. Now click anywhere in expanded template and press CTRL + F and search for  <head>
Step 3. Now Just copy-paste the following code into the template after the <head> tag
<script type="text/javascript">
var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {
blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, "");
Step 4. Click the Save Template button and now your Blogger Blog will always serve with the URL.

Option #2
Step 1. Go to your blog inside the Blogger Dashboard  >>Template  >>Edit HTML 
Step 2. Now click anywhere in expanded template and press CTRL + F and search for  <head>
Step 3. Now Just copy-paste the following code into the template after the <head> tag.
<script type='text/javascript'>var str= window.location.href.toString();if ((str.indexOf('.com/'))=='-1') {var str1=str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(".blogspot."));if (str1.indexOf('/')=='-1') {var str2=str1;}else {var str2=str1.substring(0,str1.indexOf('/')+1);}window.location.href =window.location.href.toString().replace(str2,'');}</script>
Step 4. Click the Save Template button and now your Blogger Blog will always serve with the URL.
The JavaScript snippet gets the URL of the current Blogger page and if it isn’t served from the .com domain, the code replaces the country specific TLD (like or with the URL. It also adds the /ncr switch to force-redirect the visitor to the address. 
For further information, visit the official Google Support
Warning: Before you preventing your blogger site to Country-Specific URL please read the T&C from the official page of Google/Blogger.
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