How to Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

The major search query in google is "How to delete all facebook messages at once" but this task is not as same as email deleting. Emails let us easily delete multiple emails at once but Facebook......Blash. Over the past month, two of my Facebook friends have had their accounts hacked (that I know). In both of these cases, the hacker chose to go through the person’s Facebook emails to read all of their messages and then use that information to message their friends – posing as them. I was one of those people that each hacker messaged. It was a sobering experience to realize that someone could potentially have access to all of your personal discussions that you’ve had with family and friends, going back for years.

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After this experience I decided that I wanted to delete all of my past Facebook messages so that if I was ever hacked, at least I could limit what they would have access to. But I discovered that this wasn’t as easy as you would think as there is no global “Delete All” option for Facebook messages and conversations. Instead, you must click into each conversation, click on the “Actions” button, and choose “Delete Conversation”. To do this for the hundreds of conversations that I’ve had on Facebook over the past several years would have been far too time-consuming. However, I did find an amazing plug-in for the Chrome browser called Facebook – Delete All Messages that did the trick.

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  • The process is simple. Open up your Chrome browser and Install The Plugin
  • Click “Add to Chrome in order to Install it
  • Delate All Facebook Messages

  • Once you install it, simply sign into Facebook account. and click on the plugin icon that sits on the right corner of the address bar.
  • Delate All Facebook Messages

  • Then click Take me to my facebook messages. and you will be redirected to you messages
  • Now launch the facebook cleaner by clicking on the facebook cleaner icon on the address bar
  • Once again repeat the above step by clicking over the Facebook Cleaner Icon on the address bar and you will see Analyze facebook messages option and click over it
  • Delate All Facebook Messages

  • Now you will see the You have some messages to delete Option and click over the blue circle Click to Clean

Within few seconds you will be rid of all your old conversations, and they will not re-appear when the person messages you again. You’ll have a clean slate.

Warning: Once you delete your facebook messages, they cannot be restored/recovered in any way. Therefore, before deleting the messages, make sure what you're going to do.

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