Safe Remove Footer Credit Links in Blogger

Remove Footer Credit Links From Any Blogger Templates
When you’ve had someone build a website for you, it turns out to be common practice for that “someone”, usually a web developer or a web designer, to add a “design by” or “website developed by” footer link to your site. Let me make my point clearly: if they haven’t given you a discount to add that link, you should remove the link entirely.

Let’s draw an analogy: when you have someone build a house for you, what would you say if they’d say: “oh and btw, we’ll leave a banner up on your roof”, or to make the analogy better, when they said nothing at all and just did it? You’d either be mad and tell them to come take it off, or you’d throw it off yourself, right?
The question is of course: why do web designers and web developers do this? The reasons are simple: they’d like everyone to know that they designed that certain website and they use these footer links (if they’re smart), to increase their search engine rankings. Luckily search engines, most notably Google, have been aware of this practice and are pretty good at making links in footers of pages not work as well, but that doesn’t change the basic fact that the link should not be there.

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Most of the default blogger templates looks ugly. So, most of us use custom blogger templates but there is a problem; the template creator writes their credit links in footer of blog. This makes us to be more rude. The blog is ours but the template creator writes their name in credits. So today, I will reveal you the ways to remove the footer credit links from blogger. You can see the picture of our blogger footer credit below:

Now, Let's Perform The Operation To Remove The Credit links:

Step 1. Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
Remove Footer Credit Links From Any Blogger Templates

Step 3. Click anywhere and press CTRL + F and Search For Created By, Designed By, Distributed By etc.  If you can't find these keywords, search For Template By Or similar word
You can see the following codes there
remove footer credit links

Step 4. Now, Just Before Designed By, copy and paste this code; <div style="visibility:hidden"> and at last, </div> after </a> like The Given Picture:

Remove Footer Credit Links From Blogger Templates

Step 5. The Code should Be Like This
<div style="visibility:hidden">Copyright (c) 2012 <a href="" target="_blank" title="Blogger Templates">Blogging Sentral</a> by<a href="" target="_blank" title="Blogger Templates"> Martin Gajurel</a></div>
Step 6. Now finally hit Save. 

Some template designers design the footer credit links in such a way that you can't find the keywords like, Designed by, created by, distributed by etc. But for this observe the picture below to remove footer the credit links. This will surely remove the footer credit links. 

Remove Footer Credit Links From Any Blogger Templates

Put the <div style="visibility:hidden"> in the same way as you noticed in the above picture.
Your blog may redirect on mobile devices, to prevent it from redirecting to developers website, you need to be a bit technical. Now go to Blogger > Template > Click the Gear icon   under the mobile template where you will see two options.
  1. Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. 
  2. No. Show desktop template on mobile devices.
Select the option #2 and and hit Save.
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  1. thanks for sharing, I successfully removed credit link from website Remove Credit Links using this tutorial