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How To Cancel An Inactive Google AdSense Account

How To Cancel An AdSense Account If There Is No Cancel Option: AdSense is one of the most successful programmes launched, developed and run by Google Inc. to help the bloggers monetize their contents without a headache. Every product/program is facing the competitions that Google is currently running but AdSense is one of the programmes that defeats the other Ad networks every moment and every year.

cancel inactive adsense account

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When it comes to AdSense terms and conditions it is very hard to get approved for running the AdSense ads on our blogs, website and youtube channels. In this case, we blindly apply for AdSense multiple times with different accounts and finally, when we resubmit our application to AdSense, we face the challenges of having the multiple accounts.

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As we know, we are only allowed to maintain one AdSense account under the same payee name and under the same website. For example, if you have an existing AdSense account under the website, you cannot apply for another account under the same website. Haste makes waste! So, when we try our nonsense impatiently, it is equal to "to have your feet in two boats".

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In some cases, when we publish low-quality contents or have any privacy issue on our website, we get trapped in a big challenge like "why is the AdSense cancellation button not visible?" and thus we cannot resubmit our application because of having the multiple inactive accounts. And we get a warning message within our account "Please fix the issues we found so we can proceed with connecting your site". We have no option to cancel our account due to its non-availability in our AdSense account. Have a look at this screenshot.

AdSense privacy issue

Now the question is how to cancel my AdSense account when there is no cancel option? Is it possible to cancel this type of account? Yes, you can cancel your account with just a few clicks.

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Steps To Cancel An Inactive AdSense Account

  1. Go to and log in with the account that you want to get cancelled
  2. Now type in the address bar and hit Enter key
  3. You will be landed to this page that looks approximately like this
  4. Fill AdSense cancel form

  5. Fill the form with appropriate details (First name, Last name, Contact email address, and Your AdSense Publisher ID) and click submit button
  6. Note: In the Contact email address field, you can type any gmail address where you want to receive the reply from Google AdSense. In Your AdSense Publisher ID you must enter your AdSense publisher ID that you want to cancel.

  7. AdSense will review your cancellation request within 7 business days. It may take less than 7 days or more than 7 days.

Facing any other issue, please leave your comments and I'd like to answer whatever your questions may be, with pleasure.

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