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109 Keyboard Shortcuts For Brainy Social Media Marketers

Today, I am going to share 109 useful keyboard shortcut keys that will not only save your time but will also help you to work faster across the internet on various websites, browsers and operating systems. These shortcut keys are very helpful for everyone one who scroll the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter (microblogging), Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus, Linkedin and Medium.

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keyboard shortcut keys for SMM

In addition to social media keyboard shortcuts, I will also show you a handy sequence of shortcut keys for Youtube, Canva, Buffer and Stack Overflow. By learning these navigation keys, you can impress your friends, co-workers, and of course, your boss.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Use youtube keyboard shortcuts to get access to various functions like play/pause, move forward/backward, skip to next/previous, increase/decrease volume and much more.

Toggle play/pause the video K or Spacebar
Go back 5 seconds Left Arrow
Go back 10 seconds J
Go forward 5 seconds Right Arrow
Go forward 10 seconds L
Skip previous section of the video Numbers 1-9 (don't use the keypad numbers)
Restart video 0 (don't use the keypad numbers)
Go to Full Screen mode F
Exit Full Screen mode Escape
Go to beginning of video Home
Go to end of video End
Increase volume Up Arrow
Decrease volume Down Arrow
Increase playback speed Shift+. or Shift+>
Decrease playback speed Shift+< or Shift+,
Move paused video forward . (Period)
Move paused video backward , (Comma)
Mute/unmute video M
Turn captions on/off C
Cycle through options for caption background color B
Move to the previous video in a playlist Shift + P
Move to the next video in a playlist Shift + N
Place text cursor in search field to start typing /

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to SEO and beautiful text formatting, Google+ win all the games. It is the most profitable network on the internet. We can share our ideas or post comment by pressing the keys on our keyboards.

Next or previous post J or K
Search /
Create a new post C
Comment on selected post R
Share selected post S
View attachment on selected post V
Add or remove a +1 on the selected post +
Strikethrough – (dash before and after the text)
Bold text * (asterisks before and after the text)
Italics text _ (underscore before and after the text)

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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter is very clever in every espect as compared to other social sites. If you throw your mouse away, you can still use twitter in a different style. We can use twitter shortcut keys to retweet a tweet, reply to a tweet, send messages and much more.

Compose a new tweet N
Send a tweet Ctrl + Enter
Exit the compose window Escape
Favorite a tweet F
Reply to a tweet R
Retweet a tweet T
Send a direct message M
Mute a user U
Block a user B
Open tweet details Enter
Close all open tweets L
Move to the next tweet J
Move to the previous tweet K
Move down a page Spacebar
Move up a page Shift + Space
Go to the twitter Search box /
Home G + H
Notifications G + N
Mentions G + R
Profile G + P
Likes G + L
Lists G + I
Messages G + M
Settings G + S

LinkedIn Keyboard Shortcuts

LinkedIn has many advanced features that are not available on other social media platforms. But one thing that makes me angry is - they do not have much keyboard shortcuts. I tried a sequence of key combinations to reveal the LinkedIn shortcuts but the result is still a big zero. Here are two useful keys that you may use.

Add an image Tab + Enter
Post your comment Tab + Tab + Enter

Medium Keyboard Shortcuts

In Medium, Cmd and Ctrl keys play the same role. You can access the same function while using cmd and ctrl keys. For example, if you hit Ctrl + K, it will add a link and similarly if you hit Cmd + K, it will also add a link.

Add a link Ctrl + K
Add a separator Ctrl + Enter
Block quote Ctrl + Alt + 5
Leave a TK reminder T + K
Ctrl + Alt + 8 Set image as featured image
Alt + Click Set focal point on featured image
Add a code block + & +

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Tumblr has also assigned keyboard shortcuts that we can use to work/browse faster and smarter to save our time. We can perform the operations more quickly and efficiently.

Next or previous post J + K
Share a post S
Like a post L
View a post notes N
Open a post destination Enter
Search /
Compose a new post Alt + C
Repost Alt + R
Add a post to your queue Alt + E
Insert GIF Ctrl + Shift + G

Buffer Keyboard Shortcuts

If you own a blog or a website you probably know about the buffer. Buffer is the greatest tool where we share our blog post to multiple social media networks with just a single click. You can use the keyboard to switch between your linked profiles.

Switch between your connected profiles Alt + Number key
Open the Buffer browser extension if you have it installed Alt + B
Add updates to your Buffer queue Ctrl + Enter
Go to team inbox G + O
Like a tweet or Facebook comment F
Follow user F
Archive conversation E
Focus on the composer Enter
Send reply, archive conversation, and move to the next conversation Ctrl + Enter
Send reply and stay in the conversation Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert emoji : (Colon)

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva is one of the awesome tools where we design graphics like social media photos, banners, blog post images, logos and much more. Do you know, you can design a beautiful banner within just a few minutes by using the shortcut keys of canva. You can access these keys on different web browsers like chrome, safari, and firefox.

Add text T
Add border around your text box Alt + Shift + B
Transform your text to uppercase Ctrl + Shift + K
Align your text Ctrl + Shift + (L or R or C)
Group elements Ctrl + G
Ungroup elements Ctrl + G
Turn grid lines on or off Ctrl + ; (semicolon)

Stack Overflow Keyboard Shortcuts

Stack overflow is the world's largest community where you can discuss any issue (Q&A) with the experts regarding programming language like CSS, HTML, jQuery, php, Sql, Java, C++, C, Python and much more..

While accessing the keyboard shortcut on stockoverflow, we use ? to display a list of keyboard shortcut keys. Read the official guide.

Go to G
In-page navigation N
Inbox I
Recent achievement R
Search S
Help ?
Enable auto help H

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

When we check, compose or reply to our emails we usually use laptop touchpad or mouse to get our work done. But do you know you can use the shortcut keys in Gmail? You can read the official guide for the complete list of keys.

Compose a new mail C
Open a new compose window in a new tab D
Star an email or remove star S
Mark as unread (selected mail) Shift + U
Show menu H + M
Show archived hangouts H + A
Send Ctrl + Enter
Reply R

Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts

To enhance your messanger, you need to install the chrome extension or Firefor ad-on, which assigns helpful keyboard shortcuts to

If you would like to know these keyboard shortcuts, buffer has explained a handy guide on their blog:

messanger keyboard shortcuts

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you know more keyboard shortcuts, please share them here so that I can update this post.

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