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How to Optimize Keywords Throughout Your Contents

How to Use Keywords to Write SEO Friendly Articles - The techniques that I am going to explore will increase your content visibility without a headache. So, are you ready to gain the first 3 positions on search engines? Yes! If this is your dream then don't just focus on one keyword. Then what should you need to focus on?

Keyword optimization tips

In my previous post, I revealed "how to write keyword-rich contents to increase your blog traffic" in which I showed you how to use keywords in your contents to give a boost to your blog traffic. But today, I will show you useful tips to increase the SERP for your articles that you publish on your blogs.

Writing SEO friendly articles is the biggest challenge for every blogger because of competitors. One should not only apply the off-page SEO methods but must apply the primary SEO methods like On-Page SEO.

Sometimes, we use the single keyword in our articles that makes no sense. You should not only avoid this misguided myth but must use the keyword phrases in your articles. This is the smartest way to understand the keyword utilization of your contents.

The technique of putting keywords in articles are very important to gain the top position even when you have learned a lot about search result pages. Nowadays, keyword phrases are very important for local search. This technique is influenced by the hummingbird algorithm that focus solely on the term of search results. For instance, when you try to type a particular term on google there may be an irregularity.

For example, you are looking for "SEO article writing tips" then the most frequently appearing search is "articles on SEO services", "How do you make content SEO friendly?" and many other terms. This means that Google itself is applying the search term suggestions based on what answers you are looking for. If you believe in the keyword combination then the role of keyword phrases is very important to create SEO friendly articles.

Sometimes Google search results are a little different from what we are looking for. In this case, we must consider the relevance of title, permalink, and description. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, how google index the article, from there we have seen that only with title, permalink, and description, one cannot get more appraisal from the search results. Which means we have to apply more keyword phrases to the articles we write. This mastery technique will get more CTR than we make articles that focus only on one keyword.

Here is a good guide in which we will learn how to apply the right keyword phrases in perfect SEO optimized articles.

1. Using Different Keyword Phrases

Focusing only on local search results is the best option for implementing the keyword phrases. Original contents with good and perfect language often get the top positions in search engines. In this way, it is better to use some different keyword terms instead of using the single keywords.

2. Applying Anchor Links

Preferably, if you want to link your blog post on the same web page always use anchor links with different keyword phrases. For example, if you have already discussed the "search engine optimization tips" then the different anchor links should be the "search engine optimization techniques for beginners". This is the brilliant way to apply the different keyword phrases in the post. By doing this, every article will have the different keywords. The value of different link anchors will give you some varied keywords and this is what you must apply to create unique and good keyword phrases.

3. Optimizing Keywords For Direct Answer

In accordance with the Hummingbird algorithm, direct answers play a major role in generating the featured snippets. This will have a positive impact on your SERP. For example, we type "what is hummingbird in SEO" and the search results that come from Google keyword suggestions will be the "What is Google's hummingbird?". This is the role of keyword phrase that is very influential in article marketing industry.

4. Expand Keyword Phrases

If we understand the multiple keyword phrases in our contents, there is nothing better way to gain the top position for our posts. Keyword phrases are very important for our website traffic. All you have to apply these tricks to every article you create. The selection of keyword phrases should refer to the terms that people are searching. Before you create the article analyze all possible keywords that you are going to include.

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