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8 Realistic Methods To Write Keyword Rich Articles

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts Using Proper Keyword Techniques – When it comes to On-page SEO, things need to pay our attention for how to implement the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on a blog that look well on the search engines. We have seen the SEO experts are emphasizing on the proper usage of the keywords which is more critical than other SEO tactics like meta tags and other resources. Although you apply all the SEO techniques, but still not getting the right traffic from those tips.

SEO Friendly Content

Well,  this is because the energy that you have applied while working on all these tricks might be considered limitless. So alternatively, maximize the performance of blogs through optimizing the articles and keywords, it is more concrete than to plant spam links that could put your site on the dangerous list. Well, what should we pay for the articles and keywords, follow some tips to increase the excellent performance of your blogs on search engines through the SEO friendly keywords.

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1. Change Your Article Strategy

An excellent article is where your journey begins. You can have all the keywords in your post, but if the content is not good, then people do not land on your site, and search engines will not consider your site valuable. Sometimes this refers to the poorness of grammar of your blog posts. When Spiders detect the terrible grammar, they tend to ignore the blog posts.

2. Ever Heard About Extreme Good Article?

The unique article will present you with the same content. Many of the contents are the same but uniqueness will distinguish; you are a good writer and can be used as a reference. Search engines prefer the articles that occupy a good position on the SERPs. Try to be more specific and knowledgeable while writing the articles. This will make you different and essential in the eyes of search engines.

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3. Don't Just Sit There! Update Regularly

Sites that have new articles are the important and reliable sites as compared to websites that rarely update. The more relevant content, the better the results will be and will improve the ranking of the site. If your content is infrequently updated, it is just a futile job.

4. Choose Popular Keywords: What A Mistake!

When trying to decide on a keyword, find a famous but not too popular. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the fact that the keyword is very popular will be many rivals, and it is a difficult undertaking if you want to occupy a good position on the search engines. Selecting a two or three keywords would be better than repeating them again and again.

5. The Philosophy Of Keywords In The Title

The title is one of the essential elements for a Web page. Placing keywords in the title is the best and significant thing to get those phrases into the search engines. This is the same as you put keywords as links in the search engine index.

6. It's All About The Keyword Combination

One of the smart ways to boost your article visibility is Using keyword combinations to rank higher on search engines. This will allow keywords to be included in what is needed when a visitor types a keyword in the search field. For example, I use the keyword "SEO", and then I will combine keywords into short sentences like "SEO friendly articles." Sometimes this is also an option to capture some small phrases from the keywords that visitors searched, as well as to distinguish the keywords used against the same content on other blogs. This will be a distinctive feature of the keyword.

7. The Lazy Man's Guide To Use Keywords In Domain

When creating a blog or buying a domain, consider keywords in the domain of the site, as this will get indexed faster in search engines. For example, the website about SEO tutorial, then better domain would be or This is a tricky method to maximize the keyword friendliness in the blog posts.

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8. Short Story: The Truth About Keyword Density

The ratio of keywords to all text in an article is called the keyword density. It is essential to repeat the keywords in the article section, but not too much. Use keywords between 3 - 4 percent for primary keywords and 1 to 2 percent for each secondary keyword (second keyword or companion keyword). Remember, do not make anchor text (link on keywords) too much because it can be considered spam. Use it only when necessary.

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